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May 14, 2007 08:53 AM

Buckwheat crepes - ISO recipe

I recently tried making the crepes de ble noir (buckwheat crepes) recipe from Saveur magazine. I'm guessing I did something wrong, because the batter looked like wet, dark sand, and the resulting crepes looked like, well, sludge. Not a shining cooking moment lol. Can someone help me out with their favorite buckwheat crepe recipe? Thanks!

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  1. I've had no problems with the one in (new) Joy of Cooking. It uses half flour, half buckwheat. The proportions of other ingredients are about the same as other crepes. Letting batter rest, to fully hydrate the flour may be more important with these.


    1. Check out the recipe in Ripe for Dessert by David Leibovitz. It always works for me. If you can't find the book or don't have time to find it..I can email it to you

      1. This is the recipe on the bag of buckwheat flour from Quebec. I made these crepes for the first time last summer, topped with blueberries I picked myself & maple syrup, of course! They are delicious & easy. The edges looked pretty, like lace. I used 1 c water plus 3/4 c buttermilk (because I had it & wanted to use it).
        You may have to throw the first one away, not that my friend let me! They were consumed! Also I rolled them as I took them off the heat.
        Buckwheat Crepes
        1 c buckwheat flour
        1 3/4 c water
        1/2 t salt
        1/4 t baking baking soda
        Mix all ingredients & let sit for a few mins. Spread a thin coating of batter on a hot cooking plate without adding oil . Cook crepe until edges begin to curl. Serve with butter, maple syrup, molasses, cretons etc.

        1. Are you mainly bothered by the color, or the texture of the crepes? Buckwheat is going to make them dark. Diluting the buckwheat with wheat flour is the only way to reduce the darkness.

          Another issue might be the grind of your buckwheat flour. For crepes it should be fine. I expect that with a high proportion of buckwheat the crepes will be lacy, especially if you take care in spreading out the batter.

          I haven't made pure buckwheat crepes, but have made similar items with chickpea flour (a Nice, France specialty).