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May 14, 2007 08:43 AM

Where to shop in Tribeca?

I'm moving down to the Tribeca area, and while fairly familiar with the dining options, have no clue where to buy groceries except Food Emporium on Greenwich. Please tell me there are additional/better options!

Also, I read there is a greenmarket on Sat. and Wed. around Greenwich and Chambers. Has anyone been? How does it compare to Union Square's?

Thanks in advance! :)

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  1. The greenmarket (on Greenwich in front of Washington Market Park) is much smaller than USQ, but on Saturdays you've got Blue Moon fish, Ronnybrook, one bread guy, and some decent vegetable places. Wednesdays don't really reach critical mass, and neither one goes year-round, although the Saturday one claims to.

    The Food Emporium is awful. Bazzini's is better quality but overpriced. At some point there will be a Whole Foods in the new condo complex at Warren and Greenwich. I did a lot of shopping out of the neighborhood or through Fresh Direct. From a grocery perspective, I'm very happy to have moved up near Union Square.

    1. Lived in TriBeCa for 2 years until recently. Food Emporium is to be avoided at all costs, it's almost degrading to shop in there. Bazzini definitely good but yes pricey as the previous poster says. Then you have the Bouley Marketplace (West Broadway and Duane) which sells a few high grade items (including good fish) and Amish (West Broadway and Murray), again you could say these places are expensive although there are some deals to be had. Also Bell & Bates (organic place on Reade), Nuts about Nuts and you're only 15 minutes or so walk from Chinatown where I used to buy pretty much all my fruit + veg and some fish and general groceries. Can't remember the name but there's a late night place at Warren and Hudson which I started to frequent late in the day and which I thought was pretty good for bread, cereals and a couple of other basics.

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        By Warren and Hudson, do you mean the Korean market called Morgan's at Reade and Hudson? (Warren and Hudson don't intersect.) I'd agree that Morgan's can be OK for basics.

        Chinatown was a big spot for shopping for me, too.

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          That's the one, thanks for jogging my memory on both name and address!!

      2. Grocery shopping, Its just horrible. I used to live in Battery Park City and all we had was 2 Gristedes. Your closest bet is Mulberry street between canal and bayard for fresh fruits and vegetables. The greenmarket in Tribeca is slim pickins.

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          I live in Tribeca, but work in midtown. I stop at Chelsea Market on the way home. Everything there is good (especially fish and brownies) except the butcher who always seems remarkably upset when you ask him to do anything.

        2. thanks for the helpful responses everyone. i'll check out the places mentioned like amish and bazzini, and definitely plan on relying on chinatown for inexpensive produce and such. bummer that whole foods isn't open yet. looks like i'll just need to be a little resourceful.

          thanks again!

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            The closest Whole Foods is the new one on Houston. Otherwise there is one at Union Square (the greenmarket too).

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              stay tuned,, a whole foods and a trader joe's is coming to tribeca

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                burp -
                wow, a trader joe's too? do you know where that will be and do you have an eta on either the whole foods or trader joes? i've heard beginning of 08 opening for the whole foods, but i'm not holding my breath...

          2. As others have noted, the Amish Market on Murray St. is a pretty good bet. Otherwise, you can cross Broadway and make your way over to Zeytuna, which seems to be an exact clone of Amish Market, except with more floor space and a wider selection.