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May 14, 2007 08:25 AM

Granville, OH and Charleston, WV

Spending two days in Granville and four in Charleston next week, any restaurant or quality take-out sandwich suggestions appreciated.

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    I have had good lunches at both, but haven't been for a few years.

    1. As far as Granville goes, you have a couple options. Of the two inns, the Granville Inn definitely has better food. After going through a few chefs, they've finally hired a young guy who lives in town with his family and is doing a pretty good job of making the place his own and using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. The atmospere in the Buxton is great, but I've never had a meal there that I would consider to be good with the exception of the occasional bowl of bean soup in the basement bar, which I really enjoy, but they didn't have on the menu last time I was there. At the very least, hit the basement bar for a drink. They have "fuller's mugs" (32 oz. glass), usually Columbus Pale Ale on tap, and a good selection of single barrel bourbons. A little further down the street is Brew's which has decent food, but their draw is a great selection of beer (usually a couple hundred plus), particularly if you're a fan of hard to find Belgian ales. A couple bottles of Witkap Pater (amazingly floral Belgian singel) and one of the wood oven pizzas makes a pretty good meal. Stop by Whit's down the street and get a frozen custard for dessert. There's also a newer place next to Brew's called the Broadway Tavern or something like that, which I've never tried but I heard has pretty good bar food. The restaurant group that owns the great Columbus place called The Rossi (as well as Club 185 and The Press Grille) is opening a place in Granville that should be up and running in July, but it looks like you'll miss that.

      1. I would definitely recommend Blossom Dairy for lunch or dinner in Charleston.

        1. it's been awhile, but the little diner in the middle of the main drag in granville used to be fine if you want that kind of thing.

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            Thanks, all. Off to the Midlands.

          2. what did you end up doing? Just curious, report please :)

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              Sorry for the ridiculous delay, I hadn't checked the board.
              We ended up trapsing central Ohio and West Virginia so much, little time was devoted to dining curiosity.
              Brew's in Granville was disappointing, the burgers were run-of-the-mill but choices are few in that pretty town.
              The Blossom Dairy in Charleston looked great but we happened on a funky spot near our B & B. The Bluegrass Kitchen, on an "iffy" main street offered a half dozen well made, varied entrees/sandwiches from $8-12 and reasonably priced wines. We ate there four days running.
              Thanks again for everyone's suggestions.