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May 14, 2007 08:00 AM

New Yorker having Bday in Seattle

I'm looking for a great restaurant. Nothing too formal. I don't want anyone to scoff at me while I down of bottle of bubbly myself. I generally like seasonal, organic and LOVE seafood. Any suggestions?

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  1. there's always Waterfront grill if you're looking for something not overly adventurous

    1. Sitka & Spruce provides a very seasonal menu, and is delicious, the same (menu & deliciousness) can be found at Tilth which I believe is almost completely organic.

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      1. re: bergeo

        Probably worth mentioning that Sitka & Spruce does not accept reservations for 1 person and is small and difficult to get into, unless you are willing to wait an hour or more, or eat standing up at the counter. Unfortunately it's not in the middle of downtown either, so there aren't a lot of "great restaurant" backup options in the immediate vicinity.

      2. Union should fit the bill nicely and you should have no problem flying solo there.

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        1. re: terrier

          Lark fits the bill perfectly. Great food, not formal, flexible, seasonal...

        2. I think Union would be great, but Tavola might be fun as well - and at that big table you wouldn't be alone!

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            I think it's actually called Tavolata. And it is great!

          2. My favorite birthday destination, and a good option if you're dining solo, is elemental@gasworks. You sure won't find anything like it in New York, and they *definitely* won't mind if you down a bottle of bubbly yourself. Just be sure to get there early enough to guarantee yourself a seat at the bar.