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May 14, 2007 07:48 AM

Umbria Restaurants - Todi, Orvieto, Spoleto, etc.

Anyone have recommendations for great (fancy or casual) restaurants in Umbria? We're staying outside Todi, so especially interested in that area, but will be traveling around a bit as well. Also, will be with our 1.5 year old son part of the time, so any kid-friendly ideas welcome. I've heard most restaurants don't have high chairs - is this your experience?

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  1. Il Giglio d'Oro, right next to the Duomo in Orvieto, is a wonderful upscale restaurant. We crossed the better-known Sette Consoli off our list years ago for behavior problems. A more traditional excellent restaurant is Trattoria Etrusca, in via Maitani. Our favorite trattoria in Orvieto is La Palomba, near the town hall.

    1. In Orvieto I would visit the Asino d'Oro. You may read some other lukewarm posts on this list, (mainly about the service) but my experience was wonderful. The food is excellent and a good mix between traditional and adventurous. We had excellent service on our visit even after showing up on a Friday night about 8:30 with no reservation. I can't speak to the high chair but kids tend to be quite welcome in Italy no matter where you go.

      1. In Bevagna: Enoteca Piazza Onofri, in the center of town. Good food and wine.

        In Spello: La Bastiglia, at the top of town. Lots of parking and an adventurous kitchen.

        Just south of the Trevi turnoff: Taverna del Pescatore (watch for the one sign). A big tent, a stream with swans and a tiny waterfall. New management trying hard.

        A nice wine tasting experience: the Paolo Bea winery, at the edge of Montefalco.

        And I still believe that I Sette Consoli is some of the best dining in all of Italy. Had the tasting menu a couple of weeks ago. Knockout.