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May 14, 2007 07:45 AM

fozen pearl onions

anybody know where I can find these in Toronto. don't appear to be in most supermarkets. thanx in advance

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  1. I find them at the bigger Loblaws and other NG stores and Highland Farms.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      which loblaws, I've had no luck in them so I'm keen 2 hear which ones have them, thanx in advance

      1. re: eddy

        Same here. I have been to many big Loblaws and have never seen them.

        1. re: cecilia

          Same here -- and I always make a point of looking after hearing this from several sources over the years. I think it's a myth. :)

        2. re: eddy

          Big NG SuperCentre in Brampton, Highland Farms in Miss(also stocks frozen edamame). No clue about DT TO stores, sorry.

          1. re: Kagemusha

            what do initials NG stand for, and where in brampton. thanx in advance

            1. re: eddy

              NG should mean Natonal Grocers. But who knows, it could be Viet or Chinese.

              Highland Farms in Scarborough does not have frozen pearl onions. I'll have to check MacMillan's in Ajax.

              1. re: eddy

                NG=National Grocers, the Weston-run empire of Loblaws and its fiefs. SuperCentre at 10+Steeles.

            2. re: eddy

              NO frozen pearl onions at Pusateri's on Avenue Rd either

          2. I am sure I saw these at ARZ bakery on Lawrence just east of Pharmacy.
            Don't let the name mislead you, they have a lot more than just mid-Eastern baked goods.

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            1. re: foodyDudey

              They are the best deal in town! A HUGE bag for about $5.

              Pusateri's also sells them by the 500mLish container - $2.99 - best (read: only?!) deal in there. :)

            2. McMillan Orchards in Whitby have them, I usually buy several kilos at a time to ensure I have a supply for stews...

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              1. re: Mike from Hamilton

                Being that I live in Whitby, this was a revelation. Thank you, a million times over. (Compared to what I also found at Pusateris) - McMillan's has the better deal, and their onions were also of better quality (sweeter, bigger, each and every one a perfect specimen)

                1. re: pixelchef

                  That description ("better quality (sweeter, bigger, each and every one a perfect specimen)" is typical of MacMillans' produce. My SO loves snow peas, and buys huge quantities every time we go there.

                  1. re: Bob Catt

                    For those who have suggested MacMillan's is in Whitby, and have spelled it in the Irish way, the outlet is in Ajax. This appears to be the only source, if they still have last year's crop. Pearl onions can't be found at ARZ, Nasr, Highland Farms (east), P.A.T., or Soon Lee.

              2. finally got them at mcmillan's in ajax