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May 14, 2007 07:20 AM

Dinner in Newark NJ?

I am looking for a restaraunt in Newark NJ for a business dinner. I heard that 27 mix was good. Anyone been?

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  1. I live in Newark, but I don't eat out here a lot -- I hadn't heard of 27 Mix until now. Thanks for alerting me to its existence, although I might not have occasion to go there anytime soon (and I'm mostly into dirt-cheap ethnic restaurants anyway). But it sounds good based on what I've read in the past couple of minutes. Somebody at gave it a good review, and NJ Monthly likes it too (but then they also like Fornos of Spain... bleh).

    Head into the Ironbound district and check out Casa Vasca:

    Don't fall into the Fornos of Spain or Don Pepe trap. They're kind of bland. Passable, but nothing remotely special.

    1. Mompou on Ferry st. Great outdoor eating area if the weather cooperates.

      1. 27 Mix was awesome when i went there about a year ago. Since then, the food has become a bit of a disappointing experience. The food is not bad, but its not as spectacular as it was before. I find myself thinking twice about going there to eat. The ambiance is great for drinks though.

        1. For a business dinner, I'd highly recommend Adega Grill on Ferry Street...depending on the size of your group, you can request seating in the back room. Casa Vasca would be my second choice, although the decor at AG is decidely more upscale, if that matters. Both of those restaurants have parking lots within 1/2 block (they validate your pkg ticket).
          27 Mix is good, but I would rather see you bring a business dinner to the Ironbound; the area near Rutgers is pretty quiet at night. Not dangerous by any means, just dead. I always like to show people the fun, bustling section of Newark, and that's definitely the Ironbound!