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May 14, 2007 07:14 AM

How do you make fideo?

One of my favorite dishes at a local Mexican restaurant is the fideo. I know it starts with pasta lightly browned in oil, then tomato sauce, broth, etc. Do you have a specific recipe for this? The version I like is almost soup like, not the baked dry variety.

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  1. the key thing to remember is that, for a final texture rather like a standard italian pasta dish, to use three cups of liquid (broth, wine, fruit juice, etc.) for 1/2 pound of pasta. shapes seem to work better than strings. if you like it soupy, use more liquid but be aware that it will continue to cook after being removed from the stove and you run the chance of it becoming gooey. get the chosen liquid(s) nearly boiling and put aside, keeping it hot. prepare the sofrito in a large, heavy pot by heating the fat (oil, butter, lard, whatever) and browning in it the meat(s), dryer vegetables (onions, garlic, celery, etc) and spices. add the pasta and continue to stir well until it begins to both brown and go opaque. add the wetter ingredients (tomatoes, fresh herbs, fruit) then lower the heat and CAREFULLY include the hot liquid (it will want to boil up); stir to combine, cover the pot and allow to slowly simmer for 8-12 minutes or until pasta is done. serve immediately. enjoy!

    1. Very simple... Fry Fideos (My favorite were the big wheels they didn't get mooshy so quickly) in olive oil, with big chunks of garlic and slices of onion. Add water mixed with El Pato tomato sauce and a bit of Knorr Chicken Bullion. Then pour over toasted Fideos. When JUST about done, add a spring of Cilantro.


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        This is just how my mom made it~ without pouring over toasted Fideos. This is so good.

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          WOW! Thanks for popping this flashback back up! Now you've inspired me to make Fideos for dinner next week. I haven't cooked them in ages!!

          (and that guy you hear saying YAY!! in the background is my husband....)

      2. Something we've only made a couple of times but this is the basic recipe we've used:

        Except that I don't use cinnamon as I dont like it and butifarra is all but impossible to get hold

        1. I use oxtails and boil them then simmer on medium-low with 2 green chiles, 2 chopped tomato, chopped onions, garlic, cumin seeds, a bay leaf, a stick of cinnamon, peppercorns, and salt until the oxtail meat is tender and they fall apart. Right before serving, I add in the fideos and let them get tender. I never thought to fry them, I will try that next time. Last, a tiny squeeze of lime juice to lift the flavor a bit. I like it a bit soupy myself.