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May 14, 2007 06:43 AM

fiddleheads in toronto

have i missed the season?

if not, where can they be found.


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  1. i've seen them at various places around town, most recently last thursday at the dufferin grove market. i imagine you'll get them there again this week.

    1. Highland Farms on Hurontario south of the 401 had them on Saturday.

      I had them yesterday, blanched and lightly swirled in French "de Nyons" extra virgin!

      1. Saw them at Sun Valley on Danforth Ave on Friday

        1. I saw them yesterday at Fanfare Flowers - they're located on Yonge a couple blocks north of Eglinton.

          1. Loblaws at Yonge St. & Yonge Blvd. had them yesterday (Sunday).