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May 14, 2007 06:12 AM

West Chester/Brandywine suggestions

Will be dining out on Saturday in the West Chester/Brandywine area. Looking for some suggestions. Willing to consider any price range. Looking for quality food and good service and am willing to pay for it. Thanks!

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  1. I love the Dilworthtown Inn. Food has been consistently very good over several years, as had the service. Best Caesar salad I have ever had, and very good chateaubriand as well.

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      1. Gilmore's by a long shot!!!!
        But you'll never get in.
        Good luck.
        A BYOB

        1. re: foodfrenzy

          This reply may be getting you too late smdeneau, but the High Street Cafe is my favorite restaurant around. I have only been to Gilmore's once and was a little disappointed based on its reputation. Besides, it is extremely doubtful that you will be able to get in there on such notice. I have also been to Avalon once. It was good but it was not that memorable to me. I have been to High Street five to six times and have always had an outstanding meal. Also, they have always had different specials every time I have been there and I have never ordered the same entree twice. If you go, try their blackened alligator appetizer or if you can stomach very spicey, their vodoo crawfish appetizer. I have usually been there with a minimum of six people and have tried at least a bite of most things on the menu. Whatever you order, you can't go wrong!!! I hope you make it there.

          1. re: idia

            I had such a bad experience at Gilmore's the one time I tried to go I never actually got to eat. I had been hoping to try the restaurant a few years ago for my now-husband's birthday on a Thursday night. I made the reservations well in advance and confirmed them. We arrived on time to a very crowded waiting area. Our reservation was not found when we presented ourselves. When I explained I had confirmed the day before, and even informed the hostess it was a birthday dinner, the best they could come up with was that we could wait any maybe a table would open up in 45 minutes. They then tried to take our wine, but we rescued it and left, and ended up at Alberto's Trattoria across the street, which, when we asked if we could be seated and explained our reservation at Gilmore's had been lost, laughed and said it was not the first time that had happened. While Alberto's gave us a good meal and we had a good time, the treatment at Gilmore's really smarted, and I have never gone back, and I go out of my way to share this experience with others since I do not think any restaurant that treats reservations this way should stay in business. (As you can tell from this post, I'm still upset by how we were treated, years later, especially since it was a birthday and I was trying to do something special).

            While I agree Dilworthtown Inn is expensive, the service and food have always ben very good, the wine list has a wonderful selection, the scenery is pretty, and it has none of the attitude of other restaurants which apparently feel they can live off of a "hot" reputation and not have to actually deliver quality service.

            1. re: eetl

              Wow. While I can understand how upset you were by your experience at Gilmore's, I have to say I'm surprised. I've been going to Gilmore's for years, several times a year, and never had a problem. I don't think this happens often there. I'm also wondering whether the person at Alberto's was being completely unbiased. It's a shame you are missing such a delightful experience, although understandable.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions. As it turns out, we ended up at Simon Pearce on the Brandywine. Had an excellent meal, great service, and the 4 of us walked out of there for just under $200. Happiness all around. What a lovely area! Can't wait to visit again.