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May 14, 2007 05:58 AM

Brunch at Blush review - awful service, good food

Let me first say that my sister and I both worked in the restaurant for years, my husband is a chef, and I have never complained to management at a restaurant- because I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But after yesterday's brunch at Blush, I know I can get much better service at a diner or even a Denny's.

We went to Blush for brunch yesterday. We had a 10:30 reservation and were the first table seated (arrived at 10:23 to be exact and seated immediately). At around 10:38 (15 minutes after being seated) we were getting anxious for coffee, water, and a possible server to take our order or at least greet us and let us know they would be right with us. All of the tables around us already had their coffee, mimosa's and orders taken (and complimentary flower bouquets for the moms). We flagged down another waitress and asked her to get our server. We went up to bar to complain at around 10:45 and they said someone would be right with us, and a minute later a bus girl (who was not very friendly) asked us if we wanted coffee. I believe "do you want some coffee" may have been her exact word- not can I get you something from the bar or a drink (the waitress at table next to ours was tempting her guests with bloody mary's or mimosas which sounded great). We asked her if she could take our order and she said she would get our waiter. Our coffee arrived, but still not waiter, so at 10:52- almost half hour after we sat at table, I demanded to see a manager and she came over and said she was sorry- our waiter was helping work out a technical difficulty and our table was overlooked (this is after we already complained to 3 other people).

Once we had a waiter, everything went just fine (not exceptional, but fine), but you would have thought they would have at least brought my mother flowers like all the other mother's were given around us, or maybe comped our coffee or asked us if we wanted a mimosa, or something. Nothing at all. Our waiter was nice and did a good job of checking on us quite often to make sure we were OK. What occurred is not entirely his fault, although I feel like he should have asked another waiter or waitress to let him know if he had any tables and maybe have them tell his tables he will be right with them. It was like we were invisible for 30 minutes.

So, the service sucked and they did nothing to make it up to us, Poor Management Indeed.

It is a shame, because we loved the ambience of this place and the food was great- but we will not be going back. Now to the food....

I had the she-crab soup which was so-so. It was a great soup and very yummy, but did not eeven compare to other she-crab soups I have had.

The Blush Eggs Benedict was simply amazing. Large portion with 2 crab cakes or a crispy grilled brioche. One of the best I have had. It's quite a shame, because if management had acted a little differently, this may have become my monthly brunch spot with my girlfriends.

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  1. Mother's Day and New Year's are the worst possible example of a restaurant. It sounds like your meal was terrible. It's very rare to get a good meal out on those days though.

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    1. re: saturninus

      I have to agree. I wouldn't judge very many places by the cattle call style dinners/brunches served on NYE and Mother's Day. Also, as a good thing to note, its usually best to stay home on Mother's Day. At least in my book.

      1. re: JABDDD

        I'm sorry you had such a difficult experience but if you had reported this on any other day than Mother's Day, I might have given more credence to it, however I can just picture the kitchen and wait staff going crazy.
        Also, your following sentence really confused me:
        "I had the she-crab soup which was so-so. It was a great soup and very yummy"

        So which is it, so-so or great and yummy?
        One sounds mediocre the other sounds absolutely superb.

        I think you need to go back and give it one more chance at a normal time.
        Having been there several times sometimes the service is great, other times a bit less so when they are unusually busy (like a Saturday night). This is to be expected at any popular restaurant on a busy evening.
        The food is lovely.

        1. re: idia

          I had the same problems on a non-holiday Sunday when I went to Blush for brunch, and am reluctant to go back. Although I agree holidays are especially stressful for restaurants, I don't think a holiday gives a restaurant an automatic pass on bad service. If anything, on a day like mother's day, I expect a restaurant to go out of its way to make the meal special so that I will want to return another time.

          1. re: idia

            Kind of tired when I wrote the review...

            The soup was a good soup, when comparing it to a regular crab soup/bisque.

            When compared to She-Crab soups I have had- it was just OK.

            As for Mother's day- we were the first table there- and maybe first fifteen minutes we were there there were 4 other tables that came in (that all got greeted promptly and had drinks and their food orders taken before we even complained- some were already getting appetizers too). It did not get very busy until around 11- so there is really no excuse. I would have expected this level of service on Mother's day, Valentine's Day, etc... when restaurant was packed at around noon- but when half the restaurant was empty this was unacceptable. We are not hard to please, we would have been fine if someone had came over to us and explained the situation and maybe treated us with same level of respect as all the tables around us had received.

            It seemed like the servers were fine- and I am sure service is great from them. Management did not handle this right!