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May 14, 2007 05:07 AM

August in Munich!

I'm a Seoulite Korean, planning a stay in München for a month in August.
I have no idea whatsoever about Germany but I sure am a great chowhound.

Recommendations about gourmets to check out? I would be thankful for a range at around or hopefully below 20 Euro per person.
And perhaps tourist sites that doesn't have to include eating?

There's something I've heard about not eating oysters during months that doesn't have 'r' in its name (Januar, Oktober has 'r's but August doesn't). Is it reliable info?

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  1. First week:

    you touch base at Mezzodi, Steinstraße 57 a tiny Italian and eat and drink in concentric circles around (everything within 10 minutes walking distance):
    La Baja, excellent pizza
    Negroni, best cocktails in town
    Nomiya, the Bavarian Japanese
    Rue des Halles, Le Foubourg, l´Ocean, Saint Laurent, french
    Rizzi and Moccar, fusion
    Voila, international
    El Espanol, il Teatro, tapas
    CafeCuba, creole

    and many other fine places – Irish, Italian, Greek and Turk.

    Second week:

    you touch base at Hoovers and Floyd, Ickstattstraße 4.
    Around the corner is Hans Sachs Straße with an enormous number of fancy places like Ess9, Palast der Winde and 100 m more Jean des St. Malo (seafood)
    and finally Schrannenhalle and Viktualienmarkt with different options within themselves.

    Third week

    same starting at La Stanza, St. Anna Platz 2. Around are, just to name a few:
    Gandl, Roma, Kulisse, Vue, Brenners, Schuhbecks, international
    Les Cuisiniers, Le Barestevino, french,
    Liebighof, international

    Fourth week:
    start at Cest, Adalbertstraße 27.
    Max Emmanuel Brauerei
    Tapas Bar
    Schelling Saloon
    Walk up and down Türkenstraße and Amalienstraße – this alone can keep you busy for a month.

    In the average of all the above you will easily be able to stay under 20 Euros.

    And not to forget: in August you have -weatherwise- a good chance to enjoy these omnipresent beergardens.
    After all the friends you will make the first evening will help you around to find the right places for the rest of the month.

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    1. re: Marc

      Not to forget the intersection Elsässer and Breisacher Straße - two minutes from Ostbahnhof - with Lisboa Bar (portugese), Wiesengrund (bavarian), Pierro y Griego (spanish), Escobar (mixed), Juleps (tex-mex), a tiny but decent sushi spot and one of the best pizzerias. Weather permitting all of them offer outside dining.

      1. re: Marc

        Marc! Thanks so much!! Your list seems quite enough for the whole month! lol* I've printed it out and doing Google earth searches for the streets. Thanks alot!

      2. re: Marc

        Wow. What a great list. I think I've only managed to do what you suggest
        as Week 4, and even then rarely get past the Schelling Salon.

        Isn't August Zwetschgendatschi time? Any thoughts on good places to get
        a nice plum cake? It's been too long since I was there in the summer to
        recommend anything reliably, but I remember one particular place in Schwabing
        on, I think, Türkenstraße. A very small cafe that seemed to be pretty old and
        I don't remember it serving anything else besides cofffee.

        1. re: Chuckles the Clone

          Yes, it is Datschitime. And you probably mean Cafe Schneller, Amalienstraße 59, just off Schellingstraße.
          Good datschis you get at Cafe Münchner Freiheit (CMF) or Backspielhaus which have several outlets all over. The main Cafe of Backspielhaus, Weltenburger Straße 6, is worth to be seen, although difficult to get to by public transport. CMF has one of the most popular outdoor locations.

      3. Not cheap, but for a bit of a splurge, oysters & champagne at Dallmayer's is quite wonderful.