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Anyone else get up before work any start prepping dinner?

Just curious NY. I love to get up early (4am-ish) before work and begin chopping veggies, marinating meat etc for dinner later that night. It's actually relaxing to start the day off that way for me. Anyone else out there as crazy as I am?

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  1. Sure. All the time. But I am retired, and I don't live in Manhattan.

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      every time i cook for more than 2

    2. I usually prep before bedtime.

      1. Yes, but I don't have to be at work until 10 so I can get up at a decent hour and still do those things!!!

        1. I'm not a morning person and wouldn't trust myself with a knife before noon.

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            I'm with you! I would prep the night before since I AM a night person. My mom used to wake up about 4:00 a.m. to start prepping for big family dinners or special Chinese New Year foods. The only morning thing I ever did was to call the local butcher at 5:00 a.m. to save me the largest prime rib roast they had, so we could make it on Christmas Day. After the call, I went right back to bed. ZZZZ

          2. Not crazy at all. Especially in summer. I grew up in the Deep South before air conditioning so this was a way of life. Make coffee, iced tea, everybody had breakfast, get the day's cooking out of the way before the heat set in. After that, the kitchen was closed and that oven and stove didn't go on again for the rest of the day. Too damned hot.
            Probably not a bad idea now with energy costs and all of us trying to do our best for the environment.

            1. I'm an insomniac, so often once I wake up (2AM isn't uncommon), I'm slicing and dicing. I find I'm more creative at this hour - probably because I'm not hungry.

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                I'm a morning person, and a bit of an insomniac - it is 3:30 am here as I write - so yes, I do a lot of chopping early in ther morning. And even put on pots of bones for soup, or simple stews that don't take too much attention. I usually work at home, but I'm strict about being at my desk by 8 am.

                As a morning person, I wouldn't trust myself with a sharp knife after 8 pm...

              2. I'll only do it if I'm making something for the crock pot. Which is really to say, if I don't have time to make dinner when I get home from work. I'm at work early and so I'm home early. I usually have about 3 hours to prepare dinner after work. If I go out or if I'm doing something else, I set the crock pot to go.


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                  Sometimes for dinner but more often so I can have a decent lunch. My boyfriend just loves waking up to the smell of maple-soy broiled salmon in the morning! But sometimes I work late and it really helps knowing I'll have something tasty and homemade during my long day. But none of that 4 am nonsense...I try to never get out of bed before 7 am.

                2. Sometimes, if it's relatively quick. Also, it doesn't take 5 minutes to sort through dry beans and start them on a soak for dinner. I only started this very recently and it is relaxing but I enjoy cooking enough that once I start it's difficult to stop and aim myself out the door!

                  1. Nope, I work monday through friday, and leave the house at 6:00 a.m., and get home at 6:00 p.m. I either go out to eat, have simple meals(grilled items), or eat leftovers from the weekend during the work week.

                    I am not interested in getting up any earlier than I already do to cook. I save my cooking fun for when I have time, Saturday, and Sunday.

                    1. I've found that I REALLY don't like looking at/handling raw meats or chicken early in the morning; I only force myself to do it when using the crockpot. I have done marinades and such the night before as one other poster said.