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May 14, 2007 02:27 AM

fatted calf knockwurst, hodo soy...

this saturday i made it down to the ferry building. i work late nights and hardly ever make it down for the saturday market. truth be told, there are only two stands that i make the effort to go to: fatted calf and hodo soy beanery. this may sound like a strange conflict to some people, but i've never associated soy products with vegetarianism. i actually think their tofu is a bit too firm for my tastes (preferring softer korean textures...and not necessarily the sundubu, or soft tofu, that most people associate with korean food). nevertheless, i recommend their "kung pao tofu salad," made with smoked yuba loaf and dressed with chili oil, peanuts, and cilantro. and would love other recs for fresh yuba, btw...also, they have both medium and firm tofu on their website, so it might be that i've always arrived too late to get the "medium." but for those who prefer firm-ish tofu, theirs is very fresh and tastes...clean and clear and beany. in a good way...the way good homemade tofu should taste. so please go for it. these people are doing a good thing.

anyways i picked up a duo of knockwurst from the fatted calf, along with their bacon. the man working with me described the knockwurst as, "the way a hot dog SHOULD taste." and he was absolutely right. smokey, juicy, and flavorful. made a nice light supper and a late brunch today, smashed into an acme "twinkle," but without much dressing. no sauerkraut or whatnot, just ketchup and good mustard. the smokey flavor was more in the background, but present. like the outskirts of a 4th of July barbecue. but better. pre-cooked, juicy, pinkish, and full of meaty flavor. i wish they were opening a retail space in SF instead of napa.

the bacon though, i've heard so much about. i threw three slices into a BLT earlier tonight, and it was delicious. i thought the bacon had a nice porky flavor, not overly smokey, and not too salty. and i like salt a lot. made a nice BLT. after the fact, one slice eaten plain is testing my resolve to throw the rest in the freezer. and the fact that i don't have much more to say about it says something to me. it tasted like bacon, the way it should taste. the way most of it doesn't.

i posted (most of) the above a few hours ago, but the powers that be shuffled it to the home cooking board needlessly. grr. anyways, my report about the above SF BAY AREA specific vendors (and ONLY SF BAY AREA centered) also featured a question about cooking with the aforementnioned FC bacon. that is, the fatted calf bacon that is NOT YET available outside the bay area. it seemed to cook up and crisp up quicker than other bacons that i'm used to.almost burned it, even on a low, slow heat. i should probably go do my homework now, but thought i'd put it out there for feedback. thank you. and for you moderators...nevermind. i'll post in the appropriate board.

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  1. Thanks. I'm going to have to revisit the Fatted Calf hot dog at T-Rex. I tried it the first week. It was ok, but the server said that the hot dog was being revised by Fatted Calf. I know you had bockwurst, but it just reminded me to see how things are frank-ly going at T-Rex.

    1. I recently tried FC's knockwurst and bratwurst, both were good but one was smokier and I liked it better.

      1. I saw your earlier post and was planning on replying -- yes, I've found that you need to have the heat much lower for FC bacon than other kinds, though I'm surprised that it burned for you on low. If cooking other bacon, it's fine on medium, but FC bacon I cook on medium low, and watch it carefully.

        1. I eat a lot of Fatted Calf bacon. I cook it in the oven using Alton Brown's technique. Load the bacon on a metal rack placed on a foil lined tray. Put the bacon in the oven before it is pre-heated. Turn the oven to 420. Cook to your preferred level of doneness. Comes out perfect every single time.

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            I have had samples of Hodo Soy's kung pao tofu salad too, and I must admit they are pretty good. Usually I get the cilantro tofu salad which is a mix of black and white firm tofu strips with cilantro. I presume the black tofu strips are made of black beans. I once got a box that was pretty dry and hard, but most of the time they're pretty good.

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              i polished off my second box for a light lunch today. i also like that they sell fresh yuba, and i like their soymilk.

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                I'm another fan of Hodo Soy's yuba products. The "soy omelette" is really nice sliced and mixed at the last minute with stir-fried broccoli or greens, and it was one of our daughter's first finger foods, she devoured the stuff. I also like their spicy tofu balls.

                Fatted Calf? Haven't yet found something I don't like...

            2. Fatted Calf is the sole reason I usually hit the Saturday Market, primarily for the merguez. It's not traditional, having pork in the mix, but otherwise reminds me of the good stuff Montreal abounds with.