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May 13, 2007 11:46 PM

MSP - Old fashioned butcher shop?

Clancy's is wonderful, but often too much for my wallet. I've procured wonderful skirt steak ( and other meats) from BuyMore in the Midtown Global Market. Still, I am wondering about a really good old-fashioned butcher in MSP. One where you can still get steaks cut for you. (I'm thinking of the likes of Fichtner's in Duluth, where they turn on the saw in the back room and then bring the steak for you to okay.) Does anyone have a really good recommendation for a butcher shop of that ilk in the MSP area?

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  1. Ready Meats on Johnson Street in NE Minneapolis does a great job. They were featured on "The Best Of" series with Jill Cordes a few years ago. The guys are great and will cut/get/order pretty much anything you need. Some specialty things like lamb tenderloin are tough for them, but it is an old-fashioned
    butcher shop.

    1. I have no personal experience with most of the following places, but offer the following summaries from Dara Moskowitz. I've kept hard copies of these stories "just in case."

      Meat Locker: Your Clip and Save Guide to the Best Specialty Butchers in the Metro (


      The Great Steak Hunt (

      1. We get our meat from Hackenmueller's in Robbinsdale because they're the closest "real butcher." They'll cut steaks to order if you don't like the looks of the ones in the case, or they don't meet your needs. They also have outstanding sausages, their bratwurst is a summertime staple in my house. (And, Wuollet will be opening a new bakery next door sometime soon!)

        1. i'm with you cayjohan, clancy's rules

          but when i look at what is actually in my wallet, aggghhh!
          i'll second AGallagh's rec for ready meats, good selection, good service, down homey as heck & you should see that place on payday!

          i'd also like to mention mike's butcher shop at 1104 south robert street st paul. it's smaller than ready meats but when you call chances are you'll talk to mike, who will do his best to get you what you need or a suggestion about where to get it. i've been pleased with everything i've gotten there and they get local meats from family farms in many or most cases. it's next door to a super cute wild birding store that i really like too--sorry that last sentence not "chowish" at all.

          1. I will also say that Ready Meats is a great place to go. Always makes me happy to see a crowd in there, which in the summer time is quite often. I am always happy with their cuts and what they are willing to do, I always get a good bargain when I say that I will break down the meat myself. Plus it is definately worth it for the employees who are top notch.

            If you arent in NE, I would say that I always like getting meat at Whole Foods. Sometimes the price is a little high (so is the quality), but they have a great selection and always willing to cut whatever down to whatever.