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May 13, 2007 11:17 PM

Sushi AND Ramen?

A couple friends are in from out of town and they really like sushi -- but I don't eat sushi. I do on the other hand eat (and truly love) ramen. So I'm looking for recs for a place that has good sushi and has good ramen. Any ideas?

My friends are staying in Beverly Hills and I live in Glendale so really anywhere around either of those, or anywhere in between is fine (that's a lot of area).

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  1. Would SOBA or UDON do the trick instead of RAMEN? If so, Takeo in Brentwood or Asakuma in West L.A. (on Wilshire near Barrington) have sushi as well as UDON and SOBA.

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      If you end up going to either, miso-marinated black cod... miso-marinated black cod... miso-marinated black cod... and lots of steamed rice with it...

    2. you're more likely to find a place with soba or udon, which are considered japanese. any ramen operation worth its shio will surely be a standalone joint. that said, if you're in glendale, you might want to check out takeshi ramen. they're non-traditional enough to possibly have some stuff your friends would like (cooked fish appetizers, etc.), and you can always go for the noodles. they even have ramen with a slab of grilled salmon on it - the best of almost both worlds?