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May 13, 2007 10:44 PM

Favorite Summer Drink? (Alcoholic)

For me, it's simple, a modified cape codder:

Highball glass, fill with ice
1.5 oz vodka
0.5 lime, juiced
Fill with equal parts Cranberry Juice and Soda (Seltzer).

Light, refreshing, a bit of a kick but not too much.

What are you summer drink suggestions?

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  1. 1 oz. tequila
    .5 oz lime juice (fresh, not Rose's)
    1 oz. vodka
    .5 oz. creme de banane
    mango nectar ( to fill out whatever glass size you're using...use a larger martini glass.)

    Shake with ice and strain into glass.

    Sip and enjoy.

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    1. re: cayjohan

      tanqueray tgonic w/lime...refreshing

    2. Gin Rickey

      2 oz Gin (beefeater)
      3/4 oz lime

      build in a collins glass over ice, top with soda.

      So tasty and refreshing.

      1. There is this restaurant I use to work at that had the best martini I have ever tasted! I don't remember how much of everything you use but it consisted of Champane, Bacardi O and peach syryp with a cherry and it was delicous!

        I also tend to drink more beer in the summer but lately I mix the beer with tomato juice. Delicious!

        1. Don't have a name for this one, but I have been enjoying it the last few days:

          2 parts Brandy or Cognac
          1 part Orange Jc
          1 part Pomegranate Jc (Pom Wonderful, or other)
          1/2 part amaretto
          2 dashes Orange Bitters

          Shake with ice, and strain/up for cocktail, or serve on ice in a tall glass.

          1. 50/50 Carlo Rossi White Grenache and club soda with a twist of lime. Addictive, and a perfect complement to bbq pork. Dirt cheap too if you buy the 3 liter jug!