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May 13, 2007 10:44 PM

Help remember restaurant serving raw horse and chicken

I was in Tokyo a few months ago and my co-workers took me to a fairly pricey restaurant that served basashi (horse sashimi) and also specialized in an absolutely delicious grilled chicken that had the most amazing blackened/smoky flavor. This place also served raw chicken and a delicious fried chicken dish with mayonnaise. I believe it was some kind of regional cuisine restaurant and all the servers had these headbands. I'm certain the chickens were free-range, if not actual jidori-hidai. I believe it was in or near Shibuya.

Can anyone tell me the name of this place?

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  1. Just found your message. I know the place, and if its not the same it would still met you requirements. However, I don't know the name or phone number, but I can guide you to it this way:

    From Shibuya Sation, take the Bunkamura dori and walk past Bunkamura (on your left) and Viron (on our right) until the road narrows.. Continue straight for 500-600 meters until you find UPLINK, a combination theater, gallery and cafe, with an outdoor area with a few tables. This will be on hyour right hand side. Walk PAST Uplink until you get to the next intersection. Turn right and walk to the next intersection which is just 10 meteres or so. Turn right and look to your left. The restaurant (specializing in food from Kyushu, including the items you mentioned) should be right there.

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      Thanks for the reply. Would anyone else happen to know the name of this restaurant?

    2. Your post hasn't received many responses simply because the kind of place you're looking for fits the description of about several dozen places. I just did a search for a specific dish (horse sashimi) on gurunavi (a restaurant website) with parameters for Shibuya, and it produced 5 pages of listings. You'll notice the characters in red (basashi--馬刺し), which means horse sashimi, on the right-hand column, and the restaurant link on the left-hand column. It's only in Japanese, so hopefully you can go through the listing.