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May 13, 2007 10:34 PM

Authentic Chinese Food- Daytona, Orlando

I'm new to FL , does anyone know if theres anything close to authentic chinese food around here? I'm from NYC and I'm chinese, so I guess I have pretty high standards when it comes to this. Please no "fast food" chinese places. Any ideas? Also any other good asian resturants would also be be welcome.

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  1. Orlando has zero when it comes to decent Chinese, except for one Hong Kong-style place, known especially for it's dim sum. It's called Ming Bistro and it is one block north of 50/Colonial just east of Mills. For Vietnamese, Anh Hong is excellent, on the corner of 50 and Mills, as is Rice Paper, on Turkey Lake Road just north of Sand Lake Road. Please let us know if you find better options so we can try them!

    1. Can't help you in Daytona for Chinese, sorry. There's one takeout place I like (Asian Kitchen, Food Lion plaza, LPGA and Nova Road, Holly Hill) where the owner tries some inventive things (she has a secret brown sauce that I can't get enough of) but there's only one regular sit-down place, at Granada and Williamson in Ormond (Publix plaza, name escapes me) that I haven't tried yet -- and if it were that good, I would have heard more about it by now.

      If you like Thai, there's a decent one in South Daytona/Port Orange on Ridgewood called Songkran. Haven't been but heard good things.

      The other day my friends ordered from Zen Bistro, a Thai-Japanese place beachside (112 Bay St., 386-248-0453). I have their takeout menu, mostly noodles and curries -- they got the yellow curry w/coconut milk and loved it. I'll have to try it next time I'm over that way.

      Also, Sapporo's beachside is not a nice place to dine in, but their takeout is great -- we all get the chicken katsu curry. They also have a large sushi roll menu, you can get real crab (blue or king) if you're not into that imitation stuff.