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May 13, 2007 10:27 PM

Dumb Question about Avocados

In the supermarket they have "Hass Avocados" and just plain old avocados. What's the difference? What do you use each variety for? What about other varieties?

(Can't believe I asked this when my first job in the food business was in a Mexican Restaurant, but I was bartending!)

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  1. Hass has a darkish rougher skin, those are the buttery California avaocados. The thin brighter green, smoother is another variety that I don't remember the name, and not one I will buy. Can't beat the Hass for flavor and consistent good quality.

    Haas if the one for creamy guacamole. I have no idea how to use the other or if you could.

    1. the hass avacados has a buttery texture and rich more meaty flavor which is great in everything, in my opinion and particularly suited to guacamole. their skin when ripe is almost black and very bumpy. Florida avacados, with glossy bright green skin have a more firm flesh, and fruity flavor, and tends to be less creamy in texture, I've never found these to be as good as Hass avacados but they do ok in things like salads.

      1. The hass variety is the most popular, because of taste, size, and because they are
        grown here in california. the little black one are from mexico. if you want more info go
        to the california avacado growers website. they all the info you would want beside of the
        recipes they have.

        1. The two varieties that show up here (PacNW) are Haas and Fuerte. The Haas is the rough, dark skinned and creamy one, the Fuerte is smooth skinned with less oil content, hence less creamy. Some interesting stuff...


          1. http://www.avocado.org/about/varietie...

            it should give you most of the answers you need. Living in north county San Diego we are lucky to have avocado trees growing everywhere. The best time is when everyone is trying to get rid of their avocados and are giving them away by the dozens. Guacamole time!!!