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May 13, 2007 10:24 PM

really want to impress a date!

hey so im lookin to impress a date..only problem is that she's been to almost every "happening restaurant" looking for something with a lively atmosphere, maybe a little underground, delicious food, any suggestions?

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  1. Well, she seems tough. but I do have one idea. It's called Grotto. (Italian)
    It's down stairs on Forsyth Street. It has a tiny neon sign so you might miss it. They have a great bar and garden outback if the weather is nice. The food and wine are delicious and the intiment romantic. Your can't go wrong...what night of the week are you thing?

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    1. re: zoeterry

      Do you have any specific recommendations for Grotto? There's not much information on this board about the restaurant. I'm very intrigued by the backyard garden.


      1. re: Desidero

        Barbetta has a lovely outdoor garden setting for dining and phenomenal food too!

        1. re: bac528

          IMO food at Barbetta is not phenemonal, but the garden is!

        2. re: Desidero

          The outdoor area is worth the trip alone. Almost everything I have eaten there has been great - specifically the tagliolini alla puttanesca, which is a black and white pasta with spicy tomatoes and capers. There is a section on the website with a shot of the garden. I highly recommend this spot - it's a gem!

      2. The Waverly Inn... if you can get in. That rhymes!

        1. Megu and Buddha Bar are both impressive as is L'absinthe...depends what you're in the mood to eat!

          1. How about Public. Stylishly trendy. Or Employees Only?

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              been to buddah bar, eo, public and waverly inn, romantic sounds good but i was thinking something a lil extra-ordinary like maybe a restaurant thats not only a restaurant if you know what i mean, its for saturday night, oh and thanks so much for the suggestions keep em coming

              1. re: looloo42

                For "a restaurant that's not only a restaurant" you could always try Robert's Steak House

                Or try and explain what you mean a little better...

            2. craftsteak on 10th avenue is an impressive cavernous room, great food, with the craft name and a great bar in the front... i really enjoyed it in spite of its grandiosity
              good luck

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              1. re: jsmitty

                I'd say Falai (the one in LES, not the cafe), Les Enfantes Terrible or Freemans.
                I've been on fun dates at all, and also had great food. I'd say Falai has the best food of the three, but if you really want a scene, Freemans would be a good choice.
                Les Enfantes would be the most romantic, dim lighting and good cocktails.

                1. re: wanderluster

                  i liked falai as well. home made bread too. which spawned their bread shop...