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May 13, 2007 10:03 PM

Sushi in Sacramento

Kinda new in Sacto. Liking the food selection, but have a sushi question. Not really into the mega-roll with spicey mayo sushi phenomenon, and it seems like at places that feature that, going with simple sushi and a little yellowtail scallion roll is not only not playing to the restaurant's strength, it leaves you with the feeling you paid too much. Prefer neighborhood spots to the hip nightclub style sushi. Like Kru well enough, though it definitely doesn't have that neighborhood feel. Mana on Broadway has a nice vibe, but there it seems like mega-rolls or non-sushi is the way to go.

Prefered areas would be Freeport/Land Park south to Fruitridge or the airport (distance commensurate with quality...), Midtown, Folsom Corridor, East to the 50's, Stockton. we live near the UC Med Ctr. and do most of our eating on Stockton (viet , soul food, mex and pizza), Broadway (you know), and downtown/midown. Am intrigued by Freeport's possibilities. Like the local aspect of midtown. Will travel for the good stuff.


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  1. Check out the place at 15th & least I think that's where it is.... It used to be Zen Toro. The last time we were there it was Zen Sushi I think. There's also supposed to be a decent place at 16th and N .....but that's hear-say!

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      Sadly, my favorite place ZenToro closed in August 2006. In its place is Zen Sushi formerly Taka Sushi from another location. I refuse to eat there since they rip off their servers. Better place to get good sushi these days is Kamon on 16th Street near V Street I believe. Might even be closer to U Street. Give them a try. Really fresh and great service too. By the way, Zen Toro has a sister restaurant in Davis. I tried it once and was sadly disappointed. Won't go there again.

      1. re: dimsumgirl

        That's good to know. I don't necessarily want to patronize a place that doesn't support their staff.

        1. re: dimsumgirl

          I had thought that Taka Watanabe (original owner of Taka's) had been the one who opened Zen Sushi, but according to the paper this weekend, he'd left Taka's before it closed, and Lou Valente (?) was the one who opened Zen Sushi...and Watanabe now plans to open up this summer in the original location (18th & S) as "Ju Hachi".

          How does Zen Sushi rip off their servers?

          1. re: ricepad

            At Taka's, they take a cut of the tips that customers put on their charge cards. My favorite server at Zen Toro was also a server at Taka's. She told me about this practice. I had liked Taka's until I found out that they did that. Also, when Taka's closed, they did so without paying their wait staff their final pay checks. At least as of a month after closing, the wait staff were not able to collect their paychecks. Too bad.

        2. re: NoCAFoodie

          I also second Kamon. I know that they use expensive nori, not the cheap stuff you find in the supermarket, and the fish is always fresh. Now you've got me hungry for sushi! :)