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May 13, 2007 09:52 PM

Mendocino Co. Dining

So, headed to Mendocino with my folks for a holiday. Any thoughts on dinner in the Mendocino/Ft Bragg/ Albion area? Have read good things about Mendo Bistro, but wonder about how long I'd have to wait at a place with no reservations on a holiday. Any thoughts? Any suggestions on other places? We usually load up at the nice grocery in Ft Bragg, so finding a good restaurant there is a new task for us.

Thanks for any help.

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  1. Our experience for dinner in Fort Bragg says if you can get to Mendo Bistro shortly after they open, you're in GREAT! And the food is delightful! We love Rendezvous Inn, and have had marvelous meals there...but check for reservations, availability. When they're "spot on" they're FAB!! The Cliff House has a fabulous view...until the sun has dipped deeply in the West, but the food doesn't necessarily stand up to the cost. He had tournedos of beef and I had something that wasn't palatable and I don't even remember what it was. Hubby loves me...he shared. 'Nough said? Carrine's Grotto...what an experience! We love the place, but you're going to wait. Chef Anthony is usually on his own, and everything is made there, on the sometimes you wait. Outstanding clam chowder! HUGE portions. Especially the Carrine Burger. Do NOT buy it for children! want to share it between 6-8 children! It's a full half-pound burger...I said HUGE portions! We've also been to Cap'n Flints...but not recently. Charter and Moon and Silver's on the Wharf have us intrigued. The Restaurant (Main St., downtown) is a recommended establishment. The owner/chef serves meat from The Roundhouse (next door) in wonderful selections. The Purple Rose, north of town - just past the turn-off into the main gate of MacKerricher St. Park, has been full every time we've been in town, even off-season. And then....there's Mendocino......

    1. I hate to start this off with a negative, but stay away from The Moose Cafe. It was mediocre food for too much money. The service was horrible and we waited forever despite a reservation.
      On a more positive note, The Little River Inn had a delish breakfast and my husband and I also enjoyed the Lounge in the Mendocino Hotel, they served small dishes with cocktails and we sat and enjoyed the friendly crowd and the view.