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May 13, 2007 09:35 PM

best korean restaurant in maryland or DC, virginia is too faraway...

my parents are in town and they are craving authentic really good korean food, not japanese but Korean food. They've never been to DC either soooo perhaps a DC korean restaurant recommendation would be great too~~

I've been to No Da Ji and the food is awful for the price you pay.
Nam Kang is ok.
Jong Kak is pretty good but terrible service and they'v already been there. hellppp!

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  1. I ate at Woo Mi Garden in Wheaton just last week. I made the mistake of selecting the buffet. The main reason I chose it was because they had dukboki and I had a craving for that at the time. I have had some soups and stews over there and they've been ok. I haven't and the bbq if that's what your parents want to have while they are here.

    I live in DC and the drive to Han Sun Oak in VA can be long sometimes but that's always my first choice.

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      IMO hands down Woomi Garden is the best on the Maryland side, especially their BBQ/kalbi.

    2. Highly recommend checking out the Korean in DC restaurant rating site. Majority of the ratings are by Koreans. Several selections in MD, but most are in Rockville, Ellicott City, Waldorf, but a few closer in like Beltsville. Vit Goel Tofu House in Rockville is highly rated.

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        m.e..... as far as the ratings in your link: I find that you ahve to go into the ratings and read the comments. For example, my favorite BBQ house Ye chon is fairly low rated but as you read the comments, you see some really abusive slams that read more as sour graped from a competitor restaurant than a real review from a customer.

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          Definitely take the reviews with a grain of salt. The highest rated restaurants have only a handful of reviews, and several of the places reviewed are out of business or no longer carry Korean food. I generally use them as a locator to find where Korean places are clustered, or if a new one is opened near me.

      2. Da Rae Won in Beltsville for hand pulled noodles, mandoo, fried chicken and more.

        Gar Rham in Beltsville for good but not superb BBQ if YeCHon is too far.

        Yet Gol in Wheaton at Georgia & Randolph for home cooking and family service. SUyperb Seoul Long Tang (avaialable with tripe and beef.... major yum!). I prefer their Soondubu to Lighthouse tofu in Rockville.

        1. Vit Goel (also called Lighthouse Tofu) in Rockville has excellent soon dooboo as well as grilled meats and noodles. Short, simple menu with 95% Korean customers. You must stick to the suburbs as there is no Korean community in DC.

          1. I think that Kuma on Wisconsin is pretty decent for some dishes (Kim Chee Ji Gae is pretty good with pork). Ye Chon isn't half bad either. But, I have to agree with the others here, the only decent Korean food is out in the 'burbs.