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Oct 4, 2005 04:25 PM

Good Mexican in San Jose

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My brother is in San Jose for business this week and would like to eat at a full service Mexican restaurant that is more than a taqueria. Any suggestions? He's an Engineer. They need to have a liquor license!!

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  1. it is worth the drive up to mountain view to go to fiesta del mar or fiesta del mar too. (sister restos).

    I also like tlaquepaque (there are three locations) in willow glen (which is still san jose).

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      I second that Fiesta del Mar family rec. Great margs and ohh.. the guajillo sauce on the encheladas... mmm.. There variety of shrimp dishes is good too.

    2. We had a wonderful meal and experience at Plaza Garibaldi in SJ. (408) 298-0121, 1170 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95116. Great seafood, real tortillas, full bar and an awesome mariachi performance.

      1. I've heard great things about Garcia's on Old Oakland Rd. in San Jose. Would love to hear what Chowhounders think.

        1. i second tlaquepaque... the one in willow glen is great... i love their chicken tostadas and my dad had their seafood ceviche that was to die for.... also when you get the chips and salsa, make sure to ask for some of the fresh salsa to go with it too

          1. Casa Vicky on 17th (?) and Julian does a good job of ordinary Mexican food, very casual -- order at the counter and sit at a table, nice atmosphere in an old house. I know they have beer and wine, but I don't think they serve any liquor. Las Brasas, across the street, may have a full bar, but I haven't been there in forever so I can't guarantee. Aqui in Willow Glen has a great bar. They also have a pleasant patio out back. The food is creative, and some of it works, some of it doesn't. Consuelo's in Santana Row would probably be my top choice for an out of town visitor. The food is good and a little out of the ordinary, the tortillas are house-made and fresh, the bar is excellent and on a summer evening the outside seating is the best people-watch in town. You definitely need reservations there.