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your favorite salad recipe?

I've been recently dieting, so you know what that means, more greens. I would love to know what is everybody's favorite salad recipe. I've been stuck on this one:


post your favorite salad recipes =)

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  1. oooh that one looks good...

    beet salad

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      I enjoy a home made cobb salad, with different kinds of greens, boiled eggs, several
      slices of meat and cheeses, and your favorite dressing. bell pepper, cucomber, radishes, shredded carrots. thats about it.

    2. From Real SImple:

      Its a chicken, potato and watercress salad with a mustard vinaigrette. We've used this basic idea and swapped the watercress out for arugula (probably my favorite version) or spinach (less of a bite, but still tasty). Its really excellent if you can dress the salad while the potatoes are still a bit warm.

      1. Thanks for everybody's responses so far =)

        1. a caprese with a twist to it. greens with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzerella, a few shredded basil leaves, grilled chicken and crumbled bacon. very good...any vinegarrette is good or a homemade dressing

          1. in the summer i love to make a simple salad of boiled potato (cut into decent size chunks or use halved fingerling potatoes), steamed green beans, good italian tuna fish and toss it together balsamic vinegarette.

            1. Now that looks so deliciously good!!!

              Wow my favorite? Oh My..... I guess it is LOTS of crunchy cabbage, cilantro, onion, ripe tomato, a little cheese, and chicken, with a smokey salsa used as a dressing.

              1. I made this the other day and it was pretty darn good.
                equal mix of spinach, baby greens and arugula
                dried cranberries
                candied walnuts

                1 tablespoon of duck fat from duck confit
                white balsamic vinegar, about twice as much as the fat
                a little olive oil
                a splash of regular balsamic.

                1. I seem to have gotten stuck on Ina Gartens Guacamole Salad. I've made it 3 times in 3 weeks.

                  Basically it is a yellow bell pepper choped into 1/2' dice, about the same amount of red onion, I put in about 1 C. corn, I add a drained can of Kuners Southwestern Cumin seasoned balck beans, well drained and mix it all up until realy to serve and then add 1/4 C. fresh lime juice zablout 2 Tbs. olive oil and S&P to taste. Mix well and add a half of a sliced avocado to top each portion. Her recipe has you dice the avocado and mix it in but you end up usually with left over salad and left over avocado is just not pretty.

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                    Candy, glad to see that not all of your comfort food has a whole stick of butter in it :)

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                      No but it does have the avocados and olive oil. Margerine will never darken my doorstep. We use butter and farm fresh locally produced lard.

                      I met up with a friend at the farmer's market last weekend, I was commenting to her that I had hoped the farmer who produces the lard had some that day, but the tamale maker had bought her out. I said to my friend you just cannot make good cornbread without lard. She turned to her husband and said if I ever leave you look for me at Candy's, I'll be there for the food!

                  2. half head of iceberg lettuce diced 1/2"
                    2"chunk of salami diced
                    about the same amount of jarlsberg,diced
                    2 scallions,chopped
                    1 tomato,diced
                    6-10 decent sized shrimp,chunked
                    1/2 green pepper,diced
                    juice of 1 lemon
                    2 or 3 tbs olive oil
                    salt, pepper
                    refrigerate 1/2 hour or more

                    1. I make pico de gallo then add cooked, cubed shrimp and a bit of sour cream. Serve in avocado halves with lime. I also do a cilantro vinegrette that is light and good over a taco type salad with lots of other goodies in it.

                      1. I love to make an orzo salad with whatever is fresh and in season. You can really bulk up on the veggies, both raw and blanched, while still having the satisfaction of the carbs as well. Last night I sauteed a diced bulb of fennel and large white onion in olive oil and garlic. I cut up a bunch of asparagus into 1/2 inch lengths and cooked them with the orzo during the last two minutes of cooking time, added fresh peas for the last minute of cooking. Drain the orzo/asparagus/peas, allow to cool slightly and add halved grape tomatoes, diced red pepper, thinly sliced celery, chopped kalamata olives and a good amount of diced feta. Toss it all with the juice of one lemon, some good olive oil, and salt and pepper. I also add fresh chopped parsley and a little mint if I have it. Fresh oregano is nice too. If you don't want to go the sauteed fennel/onion route, used diced red or sweet white onion and/or fresh green onions. Basically, add whatever you like, you can't screw it up and everyone loves it. The trick is to have a broad selection of veggies and cut them fairly small so they mix well with the orzo. It's best served at room temperature.

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                          Mmmm, sounds good - I love fennel!

                          Another orzo salad we really like:

                          http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec... (Mediterranean Chicken Salad) - I substitute dried cranberries for the currants and serve on a bed of baby spinach.

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                            Steak, Pear & Walnut Salad:
                            1 Steak cooked rare/med. rare (Preferably Filet)
                            Mesclun Greens
                            Handful of Crumbled Blue Cheese
                            Walnuts (warmed in pan to bring out aroma/flavor)
                            1 Ripe Pear
                            Balsamic Vinigrette
                            Toss all together & enjoy.

                        2. I absolutely love this composed summer salad - I don't have the recipe list in front of me, but:

                          mixed greens
                          blueberries or raspberries (I prefer blueberries), strawberries would probably be a fine sub too, especially since they're great in my area this year
                          crumbled feta or gorgonzola
                          sliced kiwi
                          plain or candied nuts of some sort
                          chunked avocado
                          creamy poppy seed dressing

                          1. Spinach or Arugala
                            Thinly Shaved Parmigianno Regianno
                            Toasted Pignoli Nuts
                            Some type of dressing like Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Lemon, Fresh Garlic Dressing

                            1. A quick, easy lunch is to take some arugula and any other mild green lettuces you have on hand. I slice some strawberries, toasted nuts (walnuts are my preference), crumbled fresh goat cheese, maybe a bit of diced avocado if you have one on hand or some thinly sliced red onion. Then I dress it with rice vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. Really delicious and satisfying.
                              I like any type of salad though: caeser, cobb, caprese, pasta, etc. Especially a good peanut-noodle salad!
                              a really good restaurant where I live makes this amazing salad with pulled chipotle chicken, black beans, grated cheddar, and salsa all on top of greens. They use a cilantro-lime vinaigrette and surround it with lots of fresh tortilla chips. I always add extra hot sauce, which makes it!

                              1. My family's really into this one I came up with:

                                Make a vinaigrette with lime juice, a bit of orange juice, and cumin as your main flavors.
                                Marinate chicken tenders or breasts in some of the vinaigrette for a few hours.
                                Discard the marinade and broil or grill the chicken until it's done, then let cool slightly and slice.
                                Put on top of greens (I usually use Romaine or mesclun) with: sliced avocado, sliced red onion, and the rest of your dressing.
                                Last time I made this I thought fresh orange segments would be a good addition, but I haven't tried it that way yet.

                                Don't skip the avocado - it makes the salad!

                                1. I make a lot of BBQ chicken chopped salad. Grilled chicken breast cubed and topped with BBQ sauce, mixed cabbage and romaine lettuce, corn, diced jicama and tomatoes and julienned basil. Ranch dressing (can be lowfat), crushed baked tortilla chips and optional shredded jack cheese on top. I love the addition of jicama particularly.

                                  1. If your dieting, check out www.earthclinic.com, but my all-time fav on salads is chopped lemon rind, olive oil, splash of vinegar, garlic (sometime cayenne), sea salt, and honey.

                                    Another good salad is a tin of kidney beans, a tin a chick peas, with celery and green pepper. And a new favorite is while boiling eggs, put asparagus in for a minute or two and wrap some type of protein (turkey) in cheese (mozzorella)....