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May 13, 2007 07:38 PM

Extra Hummus Help

I made way too much food for my party, and now have a ton of the store-bought hummus left over. It's pretty good, not great. I can eat some with carrot sticks, but is there a better way to use it? Is there a good recipe where it might play a supporting role, rather than be the star? I know some folks like hummus sandwiches, but the concept of carbs on carbs is odd to me. I like spicy, eat most meats, and am not too picky.

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  1. Hummus is great as a side dish with lamb or chicken, or you can serve it on top of a salad. It lasts for a while, so you can try it on anything basically. To make your store-bought better, mix in a little cumin and lemon juice, drizzle with olive oil, and top with toasted pine nuts.

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      The expiration date is in June. I just don't know if we can eat a pound and a half of hummus in a month unless it's mixed with other stuff.

      1. re: mojoeater

        In my experience, hummous gets a bit funky (musty) well before it actually spoils, and the expiration date relates to how long it will last unopened, not how long it will last AFTER you open it. If you don't think you're going to finish it in a week or so and really want to move it, take it with a tray of cut up vegetables to the office. It will go and it beats throwing it away because you got sick of it before you could finish it.

        1. re: Ellen

          My God, anything you take work and set down by the coffee pot goes in five minutes. This is the world's most efficient food disposal system. Some mangey old cookies that have been in your cabinet for a year disappear as if they were the finest French pastry. I can't explain the phenomenon but it's easily demonstrated.

      2. re: illafoodie

        Speaking of carbs in carbs:
        I love it whipped into mashed potatoes.
        Sounds gross, but I think it's really good.

        1. re: louweezy

          Actually, that might be good. I like herby taters, and that certainly would qualify.

          1. re: mojoeater

            I usually make it when I have run out of pita & just have leftover hummus. It may just be the Cedar's brand, but it makes the potatoes fluffier, rich - no need for extra butter & garlicky. I love it.

      3. Use it as a condiment in wraps. With some grilled chicken wilted spinach and roasted red peppers you can use up a lot of it.

        1. Crusty toasted, slices of avocado, sprouts, maybe some roasted peppers, a slice of havarti or some goat cheese...and hummus.

          good sandwich.
          dont think of it as carbs - think of it as a protein and a fiber.

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          1. re: Jeserf

            Thing is, hummus (and all legumes) need additional amino acids to create the protein a body needs. That why beans and rice work so well together.

            1. re: mojoeater

              Hummus sandwich good :) No more carby than hummus and pita...


              "The old ideas about the necessity of carefully combining vegetables at every meal to ensure the supply of essential amino acids has been totally refuted. Modern nutritionists, after observing populations of strict vegetarians who were healthier and lived longer than meat-eaters, now realize that all essential amino acids may be obtained from a variety of vegetables or grains eaten over a one-to-two-day period."

              1. re: julesrules

                I am not surprised that there are studies out there that 'refute' the idea of complete proteins. Especially when they are published in a vegetarian journal or on veg websites. But I'm listening to my personal trainer who has a molecular biology degree. And as far as carbs go, I'm not trying to be low carb. I just don't like the overly 'carby' taste of hummus with bread (or pita).

                1. re: mojoeater

                  Also have a biology degree and the complete protein thing just never made sense to me, so I guess I listen to what I want to hear ;) Plus I just like hummus sandwiches. But you don't, I hear you! Hmmm. I bring hummus to work and eat it with a variety of vegetable dippers: bell pepper, cucumber, raw green bean, blanched asparagus would work too. This way I always have a healthy snack in the fridge that has some protein, carb and healthy fat plus I get more raw vegetables in.

                  1. re: mojoeater

                    it's not that anyone is trying to refute what complete proteins are, it's just that it's been proven, for several decades now, that humans don't need to metabolize the amino acids in rice, and the amino acids in beans, in your example, at the same time in order to get their correct protein load. you can eat your beans and rice separately or together, even on different days, and still get the same complete protein.

            2. Good ideas you got. If it really is too much you can freeze some. The texture is somewhat affected- gets a little watery- but you can beat it back up.

              1. Thin it down with more olive oil and use it as salad dressing.

                Or maybe you can spread it on celery for amiddle eastern ants on a log?

                I like spreading it on eggplant disks and baking it all. YOu could try that with fish or meat, too. Or make a mound/puddle of hummus on your plate when plating roast chicken.