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May 13, 2007 07:14 PM

joe's shanghai vs. pek. duck house vs. dimsum gogo

trying to decide what would best overall for chineese experience. I know they are different, but which to choose for lunch. Thanks

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  1. peking duck house is not great, and I can't imagine their lunch offerings are good, since you wouldn't get a peking duck for lunch, right?

    with that said, don't go to joe's, but head to moon house for lunch, get the tiny buns ($2) and a rack of the soup dumplings without crab ($3 I think) and you'll be more than satisfied for lunch.

    1. Just curious why these three choices. In some ways each one is atypical of a Chinese experience, depending how you define that term.

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        just saw them on the anything you recommend...i am very open

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          The Chinatown primer by Brian S might be a good place to start.

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            You will have an excellent and comfortable lunch at Dim Sum GoGo.

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              I have to disagree with BigJeff - Peking Duck House was quite possibly the best duck I've ever had, and yes, I had it for lunch. I haven't been to the one in mid-town, but the one on Mott St. is quiet, serene, and private. The atmosphere is personal, the service is excellent, and the duck is served the way it is in many parts of China - in strips which you then place in a wrap with fresh cucumber and another crisp green and a traditional hoisen (sp?) sauce. The simple combination of flavors is to die for, and the duck was cooked to perfection. I don't know about Joe's, but I can tell you that Dim Sum GoGo is quite the opposite experience from the Duck House - it's a far more group-oriented affair. It can be loud, buffet-style Dim Sum (not the cart-style Dim Sum), and you're often seated at a table with other people. Both places are a great and authentic NYC-Chinese dining experience - it just depends on what kind you're looking for. (And, by the way, if you're looking for great Dim Sum, everyone has their favorite, but mine is Chatham Sq. Restaurant by far - I think it's better than Dim Sum GoGo).

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                I've had the duck there and while served with pancakes, and hoisin and all that, its not the true traditional style served 3 ways, like at Tai Hong Lau and other places; where you get the duck as we know it but mostly skin, then as a saute of meat, then as a soup in the end. we ordered 4 other dishes and they were all very chinese-american tasting. people like this place because its clean, its fancy, its friendly to westerners, but I really found it too stuffy and bland. I'd go to ping's, amazing 66 or taihonglau for peking duck anyday.

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                  At peking duck house, the soup and sautee have to be requested

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                    I read some negative reviews re DSGoGo on, CHounds seem to rave about it but not reviewers on this website.

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                      reviews at menupages are highly unreliable. So are the ones at citysearch.

                    2. re: Ricky

                      yeah, I had to request it but I can't remember if we got charged extra for it at the end. oh and one tip; I like getting the steamed buns better than the pancakes, and you can request that as well.

        2. I haven't been to Peking Duck House, but I'd have to give Dim Sum Go Go a thumbs down, especially as compared to Joe's Shanghai. Also Shanghai Cafe is nice, and less greasy than Joe's. If you're up for trying some Taiwanese food in the area, I'd recommend Excellent Pork Chop House.

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            shanghai cafe is like the cleaner, slightly hipper and pop-ish of the shanghai places and good in a pinch but I'd stick with Moon House.

            as to excellent pork chop house, you know I wish it was much better than it is, but I was kinda disappointed with the chops. I'm used to the pork-chop-over-rice from the old Laifood in Flushing; a breaded, beautifully crusted chop with five-spice and other flavors; the pork chop we had at excellent was no better than the average chuleta: no breading, not too much flavor. I continually search for a good breaded chop that can stand up to Laifood/66, to no avail.

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              It doesn't quite make sense to me to compare Dim Sum Go Go with Joe's Shanghai, as they specialize in completely different things/ cuisine. Dim Sum Go Go is Cantonese cuisine (excels in Cantonese style dim sum served in Hong Kong nowadays not the traditional dim sum served in 80's). Joe's Shanghai is Shanghainese cuisine (soup dumplings being the best, and sadly, the only good dish). They are completely different. It is more about preference of cuisine.

              In terms of quality, Dim Sum Go Go can qualify for high quality Cantonese in Chinatown; Joe Shanghai, other than the soup dumplings, is completely mediocre in all other offerings.

            2. If you've ever had good soup dumplings before, don't ever go to joe's shanghai. Possibly the crudest soup dumplings I've had. Soup dumplings are suppose to be small and delicate with a light skin. None of which are characteristics of the disappointing dumplings I had there. I don't understand the hype about that place.

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              1. re: kelea

                Hi kelea,

                I completely understand what you are talking about. I grew up having soup dumplings in Asia, and Joe Shanghai's soup dumplings are so unimpressive compared to the real good ones. Unfortunately it is still by far the best you can get at Chinatown in NYC, so everyone just have to take what's available.

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                  Yes. You should see how Joe's soup dumplings get ripped on the LA and SF boards when compared to what's available in both these cities.

              2. Without going over the same ground as others at length, the 3 you are looking at are not representative of the best overall Chinese experience. Joe's Shanghai and Peking Duck House do one or two dishes very well, but can fail miserably on other dishes. DimSum GoGo incorporates some western ingredients and techniques to create some very good cuisine, just not the best overall Chinese experience. I would recommend the following places: New York Noodletown, New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe, Oriental Garden.