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May 13, 2007 06:04 PM

24hr Food in Sedona?

I will be doing a roadtrip in a few weeks and will be stopping in Sedona, Arizona.....We are not sure what time we will arrive, but we assume it will be after most restaurants close. Are there any 24 hr places you recommend in the area?

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  1. Yeah, you're pretty much outta luck after 9pm. After the brewery closed, I made many a stop at the AM/PM or Circle K. Even the diners close at midnight on the weekends.

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    1. re: grrlscout

      There is a Denny's on 89A in Cottonwood...thats about a 20 minute 24 hours

      1. re: ciaogal

        True dat. If you are coming from the south, take the 260 exit toward C'wood. It'll drop you right onto 89A, take a right, and the Denny's will be on your right.

        When you leave Denny's, take a right, and that will take you right into Sedona.

    2. Given the possible hour of arrival, I'd choose a spot outside Sedona to eat, prior to arrival. As others have said, not much open late. What direction will you be coming from? If from the north, then places closer to Flagstaff are in order, and recs. can be made. If from the PHX-Area (south), then you will have a ton of spots.

      Anything late in Sedona proper will be, um-m, well fast-food.