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May 13, 2007 05:28 PM

ISO the best Breakfast Burrito

I think nothing beats a breakfast burrito for brunch. Does anyone where I can find a really good one? Downtown locations are preferred!

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  1. Puebla on 1st Ave. and 3rd Street--a selection of breakfast burritos--enjoy

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    1. re: marlie202

      Downtown Bakery 69 1st Ave. between 4th and 5th Streets has a variety of breakfas tburritos,tacos and breakfast dishes-huevos rancheros,a la Mexicana, chilquiles

    2. IIRC, Bright Food Shop makes a mean breakfast burrito.

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      1. re: piccola

        where is Bright Food Shop located??

        1. re: marlie202

          On 8th Ave at the corner w/22d St (or possibly 21st)

          1. re: Lucia

            You can also order it at Kitchen/Market next door, though mine took forever to make the one time I ordered it.

      2. Have yet to hit it up myself (it's on my radar though!), but I've heard Good in the W Village has a great one

        1. Friend of a Farmer!

          I absolutely LOVE their homemade salsa! Long lines on a nice day, but we always enjoy it.

          1. Lupe's East LA Kitchen has a good brunch menu with some burritos. Nice and cheap too.