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May 13, 2007 05:12 PM

Good Eats Near Edmonds?

Please share your favorite spots for eating up north. I am a resident of Edmonds and I find that I don't enture beyond 1-2 places for dinner or good take-out I use to live in Seattle, so I drive there for dinner a lot. That is fine. But I am sure I am missing good places close to home.

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  1. Ho Soon Yi is good for Korean - try the bulgogi

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    1. re: mrnelso

      Thanks. I keep hearing about a famous Korean restaurant in Edmonds, it mush be Ho Soon Yi.

    2. Hill's, in Shoreline. You will be quite impressed. There are reviews on Yelp for more information.

        1. re: enbell

          Hi enbell,
          I should have done a search on Edmonds, it makes sense there would be a list about restaurants up north. Thanks for posting this link. Also, there is a great pho place on 5 corners that I love, really great pho. I will post once I remember the name.

        2. Pine Cone on Aurora.Mr.Bills 50s style good large portions 5 lb hamburger you get free if you can eat it and woman have short mini skirts.

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          1. re: widehomehi

            pine cone is closed and mr. bills is not near edmonds. plus it is nothing more than a decorated dennys.

            1. re: bighound

              I just saw the web site the Pine Cone is'nt the old time eatery anymore new owners defaced it and it's awful sorry for tip on that.Mr.Bills is good 50's style food.Cheap too its only a few miles from Edmonds.

              1. re: widehomehi

                just drove past the pine con building yesterday and it is now a smoke shop.

                1. re: bighound

                  Figured from looking at website new owners would'nt last long.Wonder why there site is still up.-Thanks for info!

          2. In downtown edmonds I recommend Chanterelle. Also Olives wine bar is pretty good.
            I'll second the recommend for Ho Soon Yi which I think is the best Korean restaurant in the Seattle area.

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            1. re: evilbusdriver

              I second Olives Wine Bar. We've eaten there several times and have always had a good experience.

              1. re: gastros

                I tried Olives and the food was great, but it was so incredibly expensive and I was still hungry after I left. It was packed, I just thought that it may be so popular because there are not that many good dinner options in Edmonds. Maybe I should try it again.