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One Week in Seattle... Eating Out Every Night... Where do I go?

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I am up in Seattle visiting family and I want to have an outrageous culinary experience while I am here. Money is not a super problem - not that I am looking to burn a hole in my wallet, but I am not adverse to spending some coin on some grub.

I have one problem... where are all the good places to go? I am looking for hip, cool, trendy locales that have a unique flavor and approach to food. My tastes run the all over from "down-home comfort food" to WD-50/El Bulli "Molecular Gastronomy" (or whatever they call it).

Can I get any inputs on where the places are?


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  1. For Sunday thru Thurday in the month of May, there are many non-wallet busting options:


    I can recommend Barolo. Tried it last Sunday and found the whole experience delightful.

    1. Coastal Kitchen is good,might not be what you want but ill fill you in.They have a new menu featuring a different part of the world and change it every few months or something like that.It's pretty popular in Seattle and good prices.http://www.chowfoods.com/coastal/menu... heres the link there doing Jamaica now

      1. CROW - Lower Queen Anne

        CRUSH ON MADISON - Madison Valley

        OVIO - West Seattle

        WATERFRONT - Downtown Pier 67

        PALACE KITCHEN - Downtown

        1. -Sitka & Spruce
          -The Harvest Vine

          1. I second Barolo- it was very good- try to make reservations. Also if you like hip and trendy try Purple- its on 4th ave, right around Pike. They have some great Washington (and other) wines and a healthy selection of cheese and small plates (we did it as a pre dinner stop). I looked at the menu as well and plan to go back.

            1. Lark, without question. I wanted a regional foodie experience last time I was there in November, so I looked around and settled on Lark. What an experience - can't say enough about it - 10-12 courses, each had me (the foodie) and my non-foodie friends swooning. Highly recommended.

              1. These aren't very creative, but the two places I love in Seattle are Top Pot Doughnuts and Via Tribunali.

                1. so, kiefta, if you've been eating out every night for the past few nights...where have you gone so far?

                  1. Provided you're talking about a full 7-day week, here are my top picks:

                    Tavolata -- new Italian place in belltown, hip, pretty people, all home-made pasta, gelato and a fantastic t-bone

                    JaK's Grill -- off the beaten path, but a great deal for prime beef, excellent service too

                    Sitka and Spruce -- in a strip mall but quintessential Seattle - the man can cook

                    Rover's -- gotta to there for the pilgrimage aspect, best food in town

                    La Spiga -- another hip italian joint, only this one's on Capital Hill

                    Dinette -- another Seattle joint where the chef can really cook

                    Le Pichet -- French, adorable, delicious, right downtown