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May 13, 2007 03:50 PM

Where's my FF Frozen Yogurt?

Preparing for summer, I need to find a place with soft-serve fat-free frozen yogurt. Where in Chicago is there decent selection of flavors, maybe one or two sugar-free? I'm especially hoping to find a joint in the Bucktown or Lincoln Park area, in addition to these always standing by:
Caffe Gelato - Division at Damen (real good gelato),
Treats - Old Town (does anyone else think their stuff is fluffy?),
Baskin-Robbins (sugariest FFFY I've ever had in my life),
Cold Stone Creamery (thanks, but no thanks)

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  1. I think the frozen yogurt at Fresh Choice is good. They don't have a huge selection of flavors, but they always have chocolate, which suits me fine. I've only been to the location on Wells in Old Town, but it's my go-to frozen yogurt.

    I'm with you - I don't like Cold Stone at all. Too sweet.

    1. Lo Cal Corner is the best frozen yogurt in Chicago - FF, sugar-free
      They are located on Maple Street, between Dearborn & Rush. They are located inside the Maple Street Market Health Food Store.

      Many locals love this frozen yogurt, and mistakenly believe the shop left the neighborhood - after they had to relocate due to a condo development displacing them from their previously well-known location on Rush Street.

      It's worth the effort to seek out Lo Cal Corner - the Peanut Butter flavor is wonderful. They usually have 4 flavors every day - chocolate, vanilla, and then always 2 unique flavors that change from day to day.

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        This is great news. I thought that they were gone for good. Thanks!

      2. If you are in the suburbs, try Love's frozen yogurt. They have outposts in downtown Highland Park, Skokie (Old Orchard) and Glenview. Maybe more. It's really tough to find any frozen yogurt in Chicago anymore.

        And I totally agree with you about Treats and Cold Stone.

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