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May 13, 2007 03:42 PM

It's Mojito season...who does the best one?

Now that the weather is warming up (hopefully for good), I can start dreaming of the things that I reserve for spring and summer in New of those things is drinking mojitos on nice evenings. Sadly though I find that the mojito is an often disappointing drink if not done right. Any suggestions for where to get the best one? Bonus points if it's an establishment with outdoor seating...

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  1. Legal's Test Kitchen(LTK) in the Seaport District has the best watermelon Mojito....with a stick of cane sugar it.

    1. I like the mojitos at Chez Henri

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      1. re: mselin

        I was disappointed with the mojito's at Chez Henri, too much seltzer and not enough tart lime juice. They make them with Rose's Lime, not fresh squeezed lime juice. I had my first and I think best mojito in, of all places, Bar Harbor, Maine, at Havana (a great restaurant, but wrong CH Board to describe).

        1. re: BikeToEat

          Bike you must have the name confused with another place. There is no way in heck that Chez Henri uses Rose's in anything that calls for lime juice. They make a great mojito there.

          I actually prefer the ones at B-Side, for some reason.

          1. re: Alcachofa

            Alcachofa, I sat at the bar and watched the bartender pour Rose's lime into the glass for the mojito I had ordered. I was shocked. Granted this was about a year ago and it was the first and only time I ordered the drink there. I even asked the bartender if they always use it and he said yes. So perhaps, they have changed the recipe, bartender?

      2. Excelsior has a great one. Unfortunately no outdoor seating.

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        1. re: chezchristine

          The "house mojito" at Excelsior, if I can call it that, is actually called a "Bajito", because they use basil. It is good. They probably make a good traditional mojito as well. Last year, they did actually have a couple tables outside, as well as a few lingering on the edge of the inside, right next to the big openings.

        2. Mango Mojitos at Orleans in Davis Square... I'm sure they do regular ones well too.

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          1. re: pamalamb

            Being somewhat of a traditionalist, I've only had the regular ones, and they are good!

          2. I'm very disappointed to hear about a bartender at Chez Henri using Rose's instead of fresh lime juice; I've never seen them take this shortcut, which is basically fatal to a Mojito. If I were served one like that at Chez Henri, I might complain to the chef/owner. I credit them with introducing the Mojito here. In my experience, they've always done a beautiful, fresh version, my favorite in Boston.

            Most bartenders, of course, now hate Mojitos, which are commonplace enough to no longer convey uniqueness on a bar, and are very labor-intensive.

            I didn't try it on a recent visit (we were drinking Tequila Gimlets), but I noticed the bartenders at Masa cranking out good-looking Mojitos all night long using fresh juice. That looks like a safe bet. Audubon Circle also does a good one. Both these places have patios.

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            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Chez Henri has used Rose's lime since day one.

              1. re: horace

                I really think you and BikeToEat are thinking of different place.

                1. re: Alcachofa

                  Shepard St, Cambridge, red sign. I am positive that I am referring to Chez Henri. I had a Cuban sandwich with my mojito.

                    1. re: Alcachofa

                      I'm shocked too. Something's fishy...

                      1. re: tatamagouche

                        Don't be shocked. I saw it last night with my own eyes. Chez Henri does indeed use Rose's in their Mojotos. The good news is they are absolutely delicious, if a little sweet for my tastes. I asked the bartender to make the second one less sweet and she did. Perfection in a glass, especially when sitting next to a cubano as big as your head.

                        1. re: yumyum

                          I've always loved 'em, don't get me wrong...