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May 13, 2007 03:11 PM

Dim Sum

My husband originally from NYC always went out on Sunday afternoon to great Chinese restaurants and Dim Sum was always a favorite. anyone know of any good chinese restaurants in the Tampa Bay area. We do not like buffets and we do like our cocktails. thank you

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  1. Well, the choices are pretty slim. You have TC Choy's in Hyde Park/South Tampa which is fairly authentic and the decor is pretty nice and I think they do have a bar. I think Dim Sum is available pretty much any day of the week with the cart service definitely on Sunday, which is also their busiest day.

    There is Ho Ho Choy on Fletcher Ave a few blocks west of Bruce B. Downs in North Tampa and they will steam up dim sum for you any time of the day if you like. I don't think they have ever had cart type of service.

    Finally, there is China Yuan on Armenia like 1 block north of Waters Ave. They will steam to order as well and generally have the lowest price on their dim sum. They also have the Cantonese BBQ counter with the requisite roast pork and duck. If your husband is a true NYC'er then he will definitely recognize the hanging ducks and pieces of pork. Come to think of it, Ho Ho Choy has the BBQ Counter thing too but just on weekends.


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      I am by no means an expert on Dim Sum, but I really love TC Choys. I try and go at least once a quarter, usually on Saturday or Sunday. Yes, they are busy but it is worth it. I love the brocolli Rapini in oyster sause, the sliced duck breat is good. Although I don't go for it my husband from Ecuador likes the tripe dish. Oysters on the half shell in a black bean sauce are good, and you really can't go wrong with seasame balls.

    2. On that note, does anyone know good dim sum places in Orlando? I was talking about dim sum today with friends, and we'd love to find a great place with plenty of neat selections.

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        Hey Lou,

        I was doing a 2 month stint in July of last year in Orlando and I went to Ming's Bistro a couple of times. They had pretty good Dim Sum but nothing that would qualify as "neat". They are located on a side street off of Mills like maybe 2 blocks north of Colonial. I know that they got a nice writeup in the Sentinel. Plus, in an earlier thread Bob Mervine gave his nod of approval.

        Off the top of my head, I think Chan's on Colonial has the cart service on weekends. As far as the west side of town there are supposed to be a couple of places on I-drive that have dim sum as well. Ming Court comes to mind but it has literally been like 10 years since I ate there. I try to avoid I-drive as much as possible.

      2. Hi - not sure if this thread is still active, but...

        I just moved to Tampa recently after having lived all my life in cities with fantastic Chinese and other Asian food (Toronto, Washington DC, etc.). I am surprised at how negative everyone is towards the Tampa Asian options - I think maybe people just aren't being adventurous enough about what they try and where they try it. I miss living in a city with a proper Chinatown or Vietnam-town, but all the same I have quickly found several wonderful Asian options.

        - As already mentioned, China Yuan at Armenia and Waters is great

        - Even better is Yummy House, also at Armenia and Waters. So far as I can tell no one has mentioned it on this board, but it's fantastic and extremely authentic Chinese. (Frog Pot with Bitter Melon, a proper Congee selection, etc.).

        - Sa Ri One Korean Restaurant on Cypress near Dale Mabry is one of the best Korean places I've ever been to.

        - Numerous decent Vietnamese places strewn all over Fowler just west of USF ... this seems to be verging on a genuine Vietnam-town.

        - Haven't tried Thai yet but it certainly looks like there are a lot of options - always open to suggestions. :-)

        Anyhow, I would stand by Yummy House even to a New Yorker. (Us Torontonians won't take a back seat to anyone when it comes to Asian food!)


        P.S. Haven't tried Dim Sum here yet ... I am afraid this may in fact be an area in which Tampa just can't cut it.