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French groceries in LA / lentilles du Puy

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Can anyone suggest where I might buy imported French groceries in LA?-- on the east side, if possible. I'm looking for green lentils, the lentilles du Puy variety.

Or, if there's a comparable equivalent (e.g. latin, middle eastern) that's more easily available, that'd be great, too....The lentils don't necessarily need to be French, just green, hearty and tasty.


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  1. I think Jons Markets carries them, try Vermont & Hollywood or Santa Monica 3 blocks east of Western or in Glendale on Colorado just east of Glendale Blvd.

    1. The Wine Country, a wine shop in the Long Beach area carries those lovely AOC lentils. Maybe not as close as you hoped but they have a cool Saturday tasting every week, maybe you can make and afternoon of it. :)

      1. The French Market Cafe sells french grocery products. Last time I was there they had a variety of lentils.

        Abbot Kinney between washington/venice

        1. This store might be worth giving a call:
          They're located in the Farmer's Market on 3rd and Fairfax.

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            I was actually there the other day looking at lentils--they have a very good selection, slightly overpriced though--Bristol Farms carries a nice selection as well and it's cheaper than Marcel's--but I'm not sure if they carry they same exact stuff. The latter may have the French ones you are looking for.

          2. nicole's gourmet imports usually has them...call first to be sure. she has lots of other great stuff.

            1. They have what you want here:

              Made In France, Inc. d/b/a Village Imports
              10701 Vanowen St.
              North Hollywood, CA 91605

              But, you have to call ahead and find out the date of their next open house.

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                I second that rec for Made in France. They have loads of great French imports. Aren't they open almost every day any more? It's been a while.................

                I'm pretty sure SURFAS carries these lentils (the Lentilles du Puy)

                Gelsons does carry some small green lentils in a dark green, square box, too. They are very good.

                Also ask around for "beluga" lentils -- they are small and either black or dark green and really tasty.

                Take care not to overcook them, BTW. Simmer in ratio of 1 (lentils) : 3 (water)
                for about 12-15 mins (or to taste).

              2. When in doubt, Market Gourmet (on Abbot Kinney in Venice) and Surfas (you know where).

                1. Marina Farms on Centinela in Del Rey/Mar Vista has them, back by the frozen Filipino foods.

                  1. Monsieur Marcel in the farmer's market has them. I bought them a few weeks ago.