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May 13, 2007 01:41 PM

My 19th birthday...suggestions?

i am turning 19 in just a few days and wanted to eat somewhere FUN for my birthday. I am not going to be with a big group- just a couple friends. I am looking for somewhere relatively inexpensive (I am in college...) but that provides good food and service, and is fun to eat at. I was thinking along the lines of The Stinking Rose or something of that sort. Anything will help!

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  1. Go for korean barbecue. I don't know where you are in the SF Bay, but one of my faves when I was at Stanford was Korea House on El Camino (have to take the freeway to get to that part of el camino but i can't remember the city name)

    By the way, props for you for not doing the big group thing... you are wise beyond your years:

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      hahah yeah ive done the big group thing...and it just never works out well. Dinner first, group up later. I am right near state but willing to travel into the city or what have you. I mean it is my birthday! Thanks for your suggestion!

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        Seach the SF Bay board for korean barbecue in your area... I'm sure there is something great close to you (Korea House isn't worth driving that far for)

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          Happy Birthday ... near state? Where is that exactly ... SF?

          Along the Korean BBQ lines, there's hot pot that sounds fun. I haven't tried it yet, but this place off of I-80 near Berkeley is a big buffet of meats, seafood, veggies, etc that you take back to your table and cook or grill. There is also a shave ice bar and all you can drink bubble drink or soft drinks. Depending on the day and time you go it is $10 - $14 per person tops.
          Coriya Hot Pot City

          Besides the mall in general is fun. There's a kareoke place and a billard place ... though stay away from the hookas there. I want to remind people in this thread, the birthaday boy is 18 going on 19. Some of the places suggested are geared to alcohol.

          Anyway, if that is an area you wanted to travel to, there are lots of inexpensive restaurants at the mall.

          Pacific East Mall

          In SF ... though it gets mixed reviews and I haven't tried it, lots of people like Emmy's Shaghetti Shack

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            State is SF State. Out near Stonestown on 19th Ave.

    2. have you considered asia sf? i spent a birthday there with a few friends. we sat in the bar (near the show) and had appetizers, as i recall it wasn't that expensive.

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        Went there for a friend's bday and we forked out about $60 per person without drinks... it's a tad bit expensive for someone on a college budget but it's sure a lot of fun.

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          Weekdays Asia SF is "all ages", but on weekends after 7pm, only 21 and over.

        2. Try Bambuddha- it has a loungy kind of vibe and outdorr patio with a pool and the entrees top out at about $22, or they have set family style menus for 35/pp

          1. Bambuddah is a good suggestion.

            I really like A16 and it really isn't too expensive. Most expensive thing is $23, but the pizzas are just as good (and filling) as the main courses, and they are like $14.

            1. Yeah, definitely not the Stinking Rose. I vaguely recall a post here a while back that said it was not as bad as it used to be, but still, it's really a tourist trap and you can do something much more interesting and fun. By "fun", do you mean kinda a bustling crowd? Do you want to be in a specific neighborhood? You might try Lulu in SoMa or Foreign Cinema, Medjool, or Luna Park in the Mission. There's also Little Star on Divis (haven't been to the Mission location yet).

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              1. re: Maya

                My parents ate at Stinking Rose when they visited in February. Granted, they *were* tourists, and they only ordered an appetizer of baked garlic and a salad (it was snack-like lunch), but they enjoyed it.

                I have never been.

                Dave MP