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May 13, 2007 01:36 PM

good, uncomplicated squab recipe?

my first introduction to squab was at wd-50. needless to say, i don't expect anything to remotely approach that.

however, i picked up some frozen squab, and am going to cook it next week. i have no idea how to cook it, how long to unfreeze it, do i cut it prior to cooking, etc. i'd prefer to use ingredients i have here (which is mainly with an asian slant), but wouldn't have a problem mixing beets, etc. with it.

thanks for any suggestions. - bob

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  1. Very slightly Asian: season 4 squabs, roast in 7 Tbsp unsalted butter in a covered pan in a 450 oven for 12-15 minutes. Remove squab, deglaze pan with brandy or rum; toss in 1/2 cup chicken stock with 1/2 cup water from reconstituting shitake mushrooms; reduce a bit; thicken with pureed chicken liver; add chopped or finely slices shitakes to sauce; cut squabs in half; plate with sauce and rice; sprinkle of chopped spring onions.

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    1. re: Sam Fujisaka

      that sounds doable; thanks!

      just one quick question; since they're frozen, should i let them thaw in the refrigerator the night before? that's my only other question; the rest of it sounds like cooking at 'my level'.


      1. re: bob gaj

        Jumping in- Sam's recipe sounds great. I like to spatchcock them (cut down backbone and flatten) and saute them in the butter. For a simpler sauce we often then deglaze with wine, and finish with a bit of cream and fresh herbs of choice. Just me- I like a little maybe 1/8 or 1/4 tsp of Dijon mustard also.

        1. re: bob gaj

          Yes, indeed, thaw in ref slowly. Torty's method sounds good too.

          1. re: Sam Fujisaka

            just a quick note of thanks - just made some squab, varied your recipe a little (no liver/mushrooms, and added some varied spices), and it was wonderful. so nice to eat...thanks!

        2. re: Sam Fujisaka

          Sam F: have you done this with quail too? (I have some frozen quail that I want to use.) I am a neophyte with really small birds - is the timing the same or less with squab v. quail? Did I say I was a neophyte on this? :-)

          1. re: cayjohan

            Almost: quail are dryer and leaner (at least the ones we used to hunt in California). Truss and bard (fatty bacon?) 6 quail, place on flat open pan, baste with melted butter; roast at 450 oven for 12 minutes. Deglaze pan with maybe just a Tbsp of stock. Really easy. An alternative is to season, then brown quickly and finish covered in 450 oven--with browning and oven taking a total of 12 minutes. Again deglaze pot or casserole, cover, bring to a boil, serve combined.

        3. for either squab or quail - defrost carefully several days before service and marinate in a combination of frozen orange juice concentrate (yes, defrost it, too...) to which you have added a great deal of chopped garlic. keeping the birds in the marinade (freezer bags are perfect vehicles) for a minimum of 2 days is important. for service, pre-heat oven to 475 degrees (this may take 20 minutes or so but the high heat is essential). drain the birds, tie the legs together (dental floss works if butcher twine is unavailable) and place on cooling rack in a sheet pan (so air can circulate underneath),allowing sufficient space between the critters. roast in the hottest part of the oven until skin is dark and crackly, about 10-12 minutes - DO NOT OVERCOOK - then remove from oven and allow to rest in warm place for 5 minutes before serving. natural juices (these birds will be quite rare) should provide all the sauce needed.