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May 13, 2007 10:42 AM

Tiny delights of food

What are the little things that you find just delightful about food?

Such as:

hearing the meringues crackle as they cool

the way shaved bonito wafts and flutters on hot food

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  1. The "squeetch" in your mouth biting into a whole Jalapeno en escabeche;
    The "spoiikk" of poking into an almost charred sausage on the grill;
    The crunch of cold Fukujinzuke pickled vegetables (followed with hot gohan);
    Maple syrup and butter perfect in quantity and slightly soaked into a hot pancake:
    Stirring your miso soup after the miso has settled;
    The Zen or Gestalt of sashimi from something you've just now pulled from the ocean;
    The grease and aroma of a once and a while eggs-bacon-hash browns... breakfast;
    The appetite for leftovers after cooking large the day before and not having an appetite to eat after all the prep.

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      1. re: Sam Fujisaka

        Often the fish pulled from the ocean isn't even back at port yet before it's eaten. When we go fishing on a 1/2 or 3/4 day boat, my sister and dad will pick up pieces of fish from the filet table and pop them in their mouths. The seaweed acts as a substitute for shoyu. Free, since they're tossing it back into the ocean anyways.

        And boy does it freak little kids out :)

      2. The sound of a good hearth bread cooling - it crackles delicately, like rustling tissue paper.

        The little symphony of pings after canning, when the jars are cooling and sealing.

        The explosion of scent when you first throw garlic and ginger into a hot wok.

        How blanching vegetables turns them jewel bright.

        How when you've made a really good sandwich and served it to someone who isn't expecting a really good sandwich they take the first bite, and then stop and pull the sandwich away and look down at it before taking the next bite.

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        1. re: AnnaEA

          A hearty 2nd to the sandwich serving. They say a sandwich always tastes better from someone else, and I love throwing stuff into one that people might not expect. Something simple like using hummus or pesto instead of mayo or mustard can make people stop mid chew!

        2. Breaking into the crust of a creme brulee. That perfect combination of crunchy and creamy.

          The aroma of a roasting turkey...on Thanksgiving Day or any day.

          The way a perfectly braised roast falls apart, then melts in your mouth.

          The satisfaction of a difficult or new recipe coming out perfectly.

          The way wasabi filters up into your sinuses. Almost gives me a high.

          I love the smell and sound of onions in a saute pan with a bit of butter and oil.

          The smell of yeast in bread dough and the way a lump of flour, water and salt can turn into something heavenly over time. Along the same line, I find kneading very therapeutic.

          The way a perfectly sharp knife will slice through things.

          So many more...

          1. That kind of squeaky hiss that cubed potatoes make when they're roasting and you open the oven to stir them in the pan.

            Diced onions and garlic hitting a hot pan with olive oil in it, and the instantly awesome smell it gives off.

            1. The smell of a vipe ripe Jersey tomatoe
              The crunch of a carrot
              The wiggle of Jello, the jewel like colours, and the smoothness of it going down
              The scent of an orange that lingers on your hands after peeling
              The first stalk of asparagus peeping through the dirt