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What do to with whole mandarin segments?

I have a 15 oz can of whole segment mandarin oranges in light syrup and I have no idea what to do with it - Suggestions (other than the asian chicken salad recipe) welcome. If it helps, I also have a 15 oz can of peach halves in heavy syrup.


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  1. I dislike canned mandarins, so no ideas there--I only see them in salads or jello. I think the chicken salad treatment is tolerable. But you can make a respectable peach upside down cake with canned peaches, till the fresh ones come in:

    1. Try a spinach salad with mandarin orange slices, slices avocados, bleu cheese crumbles, slivered almonds and dried cranberries. Dressing is either a citris vinaigrette or a hot bacon vinaigrette.

      1. They are also a good addition to apple salad (along with some nuts of choice, maybe some raisins or grapes)

        1. You can vary the Asian chicken salad to curried chicken salad with mayo, curry powder sauteed in a little butter but not burnt, celery and walnuts--great on a baguette. Can use them whole or whirr them in Cuisinart to make topping or flavoring for a Asiany cheesecake or topping for ice cream or mix with cream cheese for a sweet sandwich on toast.

          1. Thanks for the recs - I ended up following a dole recipe from their website and made a fruit pizza with the mandarin segments ;)

            1. I know it's too late, but next time, make sorbet. Just freeze the can, then open it and process until smooth. You can refreeze a little if it's too soft.

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                Picolla, for sorbet for mandarin canned oranges? I love the flavor, do you have a recipe that I could follow, and when you say process until smooth, are you meaning food processor,
                and then putting it into an ice cream maker? Wow what a lovely flavor for sorbet, or sherbert! I love sherbert too, I know I know....

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                  Not sure if it's sorbet or sherbet (I always forget which is which), but it's as simple as it gets: you freeze the whole can, syrup included, then dump the frozen contents in the food processor and blend.

                  You can add liqueur or spices if you want.

                  It should have the right consistency, but if it's too soft, you can just refreeze in the food processor container and blend again when it's more solid.

                  It works with other canned fruit too - mango is awesome.

              2. These are a real childhood memory for me (having grown up somewhere cold, in a time and place where abundant produce imported year-round from distant places was not so standard or affordable). My mother used to serve them fridge cold, mixed with sliced bananas, for a simple and refreshing treat. Nowadays I do this with fresh mandarins, but I could easily imagine going for the canned ones this way still :)

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                  Ya know, teriyak chickent wings under the broiler are much enhanced by sprinkling at the last browning turn with sesame seeds, chopped green onions, and mandarin orange segments. That extra special sumpin.

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                    Is there a Chinese Orange Chicken made with mandarin orange, I want to say that I saw it somewhere. I would eat it and love it!

                2. I make a pretty good salad, well everyone loves it when I make this one anyway.. I got the recipe from one of my old corp, cookbooks. I changed the amount of oil and added a few things, basically the same. You can also change the fruit and use pears.
                  We like it because it is refreshing, and has a good taste anyway...
                  1 1/2 bags of Spinach Salad - Fresh Spinach rinsed and dried
                  1 or 2 cans of manadarin oranges segments drained well
                  1 can water chestnuts
                  1/2 cup of grape tomatoes - whole
                  2 hard boiled eggs sliced
                  1 cup of fresh bean sprouts washed and dried
                  1 red onion sliced thin into half moons
                  3-4 slices of bacon cooked drained and crumbled
                  1/3 cup sliced almonds

                  Toss the salad, placing the eggs on the top and then the almonds after tossing
                  Pass dressing or serve individually. It is a heavier dressing, so we just put the dressing on at the table or right before serving our guests. Not the whole bowl.

                  Sweet and Sour Dressing
                  In a blender:
                  1 can of tomato soup
                  1/2 cup vegetable oil
                  1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
                  1 white onion (med size) chopped fine - very fine
                  1/2 cup of water
                  2 cloves of finely minced garlic
                  1 tsp sea salt
                  1 tsp white pepper
                  1/2 C sugar or splenda to taste
                  2 T Lea Perrins
                  1/3 C ketchup
                  Combine all ingredients blender, store in a jar in the fridge, pour into cruet when ready to serve. Lasts a week refrigerated.

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                  1. I'd make some sort of an ambrosia....add some shredded coconut, mini marshmallows, perhaps some walnuts or pecans and a bit of sour cream and voila!!