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May 13, 2007 08:36 AM

near newport

need casual place for dinner in newport, middletown or bristol on Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Also place for breakfast Sunday morning. May be a group of us going out.

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  1. Casual Dinner places in Newport...Yesterdays(great food , great tap selection ,great wine list) salvation cafe,red parrot, black pearl out side patio or Sardellas. You can call ahead for reservations on most of them. Breakfast- atlantic grill on aquidneck ave or Corner cafe on Broadway...Asterisk on Lower thames is also now doing breakfast.

    1. There is a good Irish Bar called The Fastnet in Newport. It has nice large removable windows all along the front and has plenty of room for a group.
      For breakfast, there is a dinner down at the end of Thames that could handle groups. it I can't remember the whole name of the place, but it is something '... Handy's Diner'

      1. I second the suggestion for the Red Parrot in Newport. Brick Alley is also a good choice.

        Try Aidan's in Bristol for a casual meal. They also do a traditional Irish breakfast on Sundays.

        For a simple breakfast, try Bristol Bagel or the Mount Hope Diner.