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May 13, 2007 07:17 AM

Chinese Dinner for Graduation

I'm planning on having a chinese dinner in chinatown or flushing for my graduation (for 15 people) and was wondering if anybody had a place to recommend (my usual place - East Lake is closed for renovation). I'm looking for good chinese (cantonese) food for my picky chinese family (a place with shark fin's soup, geoduck, peking duck, etc...). Thanks!

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  1. There are many restaurants in Flushing that can host 15 people easily. My family usually goes to East Buffet or East Manor. Call ahead to see if they can give you a big table that fits 15 people. I prefer East Manor because it's easier to find parking.

    1. i goto gum fung for dim sum during day and dinner at night. they have a huge dining hall and can easily take 15. they are on 39th between union and main. the municipal lot is directly accross the street , very convenient.

      thier dinner is great and dim sum is really good too, you can do a search of them on here...they are reviewed all the time


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        Similar comments for Ocean Jewels, 13330 39th Ave.

      2. if you are okay with manhattan's chinatown (you mention it in the first sentence even though its an outer boroughs post) you should go to Amazing 66 for great food and appropriate for a graduation banquet.

        if you stick in flushing, ocean jewels is a great banquet hall (across from the flushing mall) seconding chandavki.

        1. Congratulations on your graduation! We would assume that if this celebration were for a university graduation, than this would call for a full dinner banquet at a very good restaurant with money no object, since typical Asian families value education quite highly.

          Besides the suggestions provided by the other posters, other possibilities in Flushing for a good banquet are Imperial Palace, Gala Manor, and even at Corner 28, a smaller restaurant that recently opened earlier this year. Since Corner 28 only has two or three large tables, it would be a necessity to make prior reservations with the restaurant. We have been to Corner 28 a number of times since it opened in March 2007, and have had good dinner experiences there. Although we did not see any banquet menus, we are sure that if you speak with the Corner 28 restaurant, something suitable could be arranged.

          For Manhattan Chinatown, we would also suggest the “6 Chatham Square” restaurant where we had an enjoyable dinner there with some friends several months ago. There are numerous posts about this restaurant on the Manhattan board. The “6 Chatham Square” restaurant is a Cantonese restaurant that specializes in seafood and definitely has Peking Duck, since they mistakenly placed sliced scallions, cucumbers, and a sweet plum Hoisin sauce on our table that was meant for another customer. We are planning ourselves to try the Peking Duck there the next time we go to “6 Chatham Square.”

          You mention that the East Lake Restaurant is closed for renovations, but unfortunately the East Lake restaurant is closed forever. The location where East Lake used to be is now a giant hole and our understanding is that a new commercial building will rise in the old East Lake location.