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May 13, 2007 07:02 AM

Fig; Asheville, NC

I have heard good things about this restaurant including fairly recent CHOWHOWN discussions. I have never been to this area of NC but plan a trip this week. Does this restaurant rate as one of the best in the area? Other suggestions?

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  1. yes...intimate dining - make a reservation. Nice weather has some outside tables in a courtyard. Use very high quality ingredients, great of my favorites.

    1. Fig is good but not great...I would go there if you were going to eat several places but I may go to Table downtown instead.

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        I would disagree...but it's all a matter of taste. My "best in the area" list would include, in addition to Fig: Limones, Richmond Hill Inn and 28806. I like Salsa's and it is unique and is certainly the best in the area for that type of restaurant. Haven't been to Carmel's but have heard good things. Tupelo Honey is the best in the area for that type of restaurant as is Tomato/Cocina Latina. Haven't been to any of the restaurants on the Biltmore Estate in a while...

      2. I would definitely rate fig as one of the best. hands down.

        1. Fig has great food, the service is excellent, nice varied wine list my only caveat would be a small menu selection, which doesn't bother me but might put off a fussier eater, still an excellent restaurant. I'd also try Rezaz's, Richmond Hill Inn (Pricey but excellent) Limones, and Zambras (tapas and an excellent Spanish wine selection).

          1. What you don't want to order at Fig is their hamburger, Greasy as hell and very salty. When I mentioned this to the server, he sang me a song about how the chef grinds up fresh sirloin for his burgers.

            Yeah, after they're removed from previous diners' plates. Also, the restaurant has no ambiance. You might eat there once, but probably not again. Like us.

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              wow, we REALLY like Fig and have enjoyed it on winter and summer evenings at a quiet table with a candle flickering between us. Also, never had a bad meal there - of course would never dream of ordering a burger at Fig, though I've never eaten lunch there.

              1. re: leahinsc

                I would dream about ordering a burger there, but dream is all I can do. They refused to cook the burger rare on two different occasions. If markrossi is correct that they grind their own meat, then doesn't DHEC allow it to be cooked rare?

                When we have been there, about 1/2 the rest. seemed to be ordering the burger. Frankly, I think the somewhat less than apologetic refusal of this request is the main reason my husband has taken a dislike to FIG. Otherwise, I agree with you...never had a bad meal and I think the ambiance is great.