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wine country recommendation

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I'm an Outer Borroughs Chowhounder who was McMinnvile recently for business. I decided to try Nick's Italian Cafe again after an OK meal there when I was in town a year ago. The decision came after hearing from a business associate in the wine industry that Nick's daughter had taken over the kitchen and the food has never been better. While the Painted Lady in Newberg is consistantly wonderful, the meal I had at Nick's was innovative, refreshing and expertly prepared. I was so surprised to find this level of culinary expertise in McMinnville, I decided to make my virgin voyage as a poster on Chowhound about it. I had a gorgonzola sfumato, which is like a savory custard, for an appetizer. It was light, aromatic and a perfect way to whet my appetite. I had the renowned minestrone - one of the few highlights of my last meal there - and it was still hearty, garlicky and rich. So good. For my entree I had lamb three ways, but, I could have had it a million ways! A chop, a medallion, and a house-made sausage were each delicious, different and the perfect portion. A salad of mixed local greens with a rice wine vinaigrette looked 'eh', but, tasted amazing. Bright and clean, it woke my palate up! For dessert (which I usually pass on, but was not about to miss out on one more delicious course) I had a sea salt caramel gelato. If I can find a way to airship it to me in Brooklyn, I will. The wine list is impressive and expansive, with hardly a misstep. Just ask your server for a recommendation, and I doubt you'll be misled. All in all, I left happy, satisfied, but not stuffed to the gills - just full. Run, don't walk to Nick's in McMinnville, I don't think you'll be dissapointed.

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  1. Thank you for the report; good to hear. How did the service compare to Painted Lady?


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      Though maybe not as polished as Painted Lady my waitress at Nick's was friendly, helpful but not overly solicitous, just what I needed to enjoy my meal.

    2. We also had a great meal at Nick's! Great food, good service. Worth the trip.