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May 13, 2007 06:31 AM

Dragon Palace in Edison

My family is planning on going there after my brother's graduation later this week. Do you have any recommendations? I hear very good things about this place and a lot of praise for its authenticity. Is there a menu online that I could perhaps browse?

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  1. Autumn:

    The Dragon Palace has a typical boring English menu and an astounding Chinese-only Sichuan one. A person ordering from that Chinese menu can have one of the best Sichuan meals in the NY area.

    My own favorite dishes are the rabbit with chili sauce and the "Chinse Okra." But just use your eyes. The place is always packed with a serious Sichuan crowd and you can do well by just pointing at other people's dishes.

    In some ways, this is a tough place to eat. The crowds, the lack of English, and the high-traffic location all conspire against you, but the food can be great and is well worth the effort.

    1. Another place that you should think about is Sunny Palace in East Brunswick.
      1069 Rte 18 South 732- 651-8668. They're pretty good too and a nice looking restaurant!

      1. I agree with Brian's assessment but still think it's worth it to try this place. I love the fatty pork and leek dish (you can order fatty or lean and both are good). I was not impressed with their Dan Dan Noodles though. I've had varying success asking for recs so it might be worth asking the host/hostess. I would definitely use the pointing techniqe rather that ordering off the terrible English menu.

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          Wait a minute!

          I absolutely think that this is a great place to try. I eat there often myself.

          However, as a matter of what you might call principle, I shy away from declaring favorite dishes, these things change too often in places like this one.

        2. Where is Dragon Palace, exactly? Sunny Palace is my mom's favorite and we really enjoy it too. But great Sichuan and Hunan are hard to pass up.

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            Dragon Palace is at the corner of Oak Tree Road and Wood Ave. on the border of Edison and Iselin. It's right up the street from the Metropark train station.

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              I believe I have read they serve an authentic Hot Pot meal there. Can someone explain to me how it all works? Do you order individual meats, a sampler platter, or what? Is it all you can eat? Whats the pricing like? I would like to go with my brother and we like to eat, so I'd just like to know what to expect ahead of time.

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                I second all of the above re: Dragon Palace. I had great lunch there the other day. I think that I had shredded pork in Peking sauce. Service is brusque. Not rude, but not helpful.

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                  Anyone ever get a hotpot meal there?

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                    Yes, it's great but extremely spicy. All in all, Dragon Palace is one of better and more authentic Chinese places in the area, but go prepared because the language barrier is a little difficult. It's not a buffet. The more authentic Chinese items will be family style servings enough for 2-4 people (family style works out better though, since you get to try more dishes at once!). Pricing is reasonable.. I would recommend getting 3 entrees to share (and you will definitely have leftovers), looking at about $50 bucks before tip. Also, sometimes these places will waive tax if you pay in cash instead of credit card.

            2. Our thanks to the 'hounds who contributed to this post!

              Having to leave the quiet of the Shore to run some errands on the other side of the Driscoll Bridge (there are no decent art supply stores in Monmouth or Ocean Counties), we rewarded ourselves with lunch at DP. I simply cannot remember the last time I so thoroughly enjoyed Chinese food! The highlight was the Spicy Boiled Beef in Chile Oil -terrific!