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May 13, 2007 05:04 AM

Portuguese chicken on Rachel?

About a month ago I had some great Portuguese chicken on Rachel. Unfortunately I was really wasted at the time and don't really remember the place (got take-out)... I just remember the line-up inside and the huge grill. I think it was near St-Denis. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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  1. Probably Rotisserie Portugalia
    34, rue Rachel O corner Clark Montreal, Québec H2W 1G1 Le Plateau Tel.: 514.282.1519

    Tiny hole-in-the-wall place, beloved of many - but not of its neighbours, as its ventilation system was terrible and it spewed black smoke into their houses - I think the situation has improved somewhat now. There is another Portuguese place with chicken and a somewhat larger menu across the street.

    This is just east of St-Laurent, so a bit of a walk west of St-Denis.

    There is already a discussion on Portuguese restos on this board.

    1. Another possibility:

      Rotisserie Romados
      115 Rachel East
      Montreal QC H2W 1C8
      514 849-1803

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      1. re: carswell

        Yep, that's the one across the street, or rather, kitty-cornered to Portugalia.

        You can take your grub from either and eat it in Jeanne-Mance Park (also known as Fletcher's Field) or up on Mt-Royal, or if you don't feel like walking, at little Parc des Amériques at the northeast corner of St-Laurent and Rachel - Though there is still a lot of construction these days, so I don't advise the latter until that settles down.

        I remember when Parc des Amériques was a parking lot. The park is a big improvement. It has an odd sort of Mayan structure that is supposed to make one think of the Americas and Aboriginal peoples, in particular those from points south.

        Sadly, long time back, the ugly tall building on the northwestern corner of St-Laurent and Rachel was a little farmers' market. It was eliminated as not "modern" and "hygienic" enough. We are still paying for that postwar stuff - here of course I focus on foodie aspects of such dismal planning.

        1. re: lagatta

          No, Romados is east a couple of blocks, corner of Hotel de Ville. Kitty corner from Portugalia is Roi du Plateau/Chez Michel.

          I'm guessing the original poster was not at Portugalia, because there you have to order in advance for your takeout; you can't just stumble in and out again. Romados closes no later than 8 p.m., so unless it was an early drunk I'm guessing le Roi was the place. The line-up and huge grill does sound like Romados, though.

          Also, I believe the park, not the tall ugly building, is the former market site. Not sure about that one, though.

          1. re: Mr F

            I'm pretty sure it's Romados from the original poster's description. I think the person meant it was near St-Laurent.

            1. re: BLM

              Well of all mentioned portugese grills, Romados is the closest to st-denis (it is actually between st-laurent & st-denis if we're talking major intersections). It's a great takeout place.

              But in my opinion, no one has Portugalia beat for chicken.

              Roi does not have great chicken. But quail & lamb & price is fantastic.

      2. I'd guess Romados based on your description.

        1. having been April 2010 it's Romados. What an amazing place. I waited 1/2 hour in line.. soworth the wait. food was amazing. succulent chicken, and fries so good! definitely going back in the future!

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          1. re: rustysheba

            There's many threads about them. I ate at romados last week and was disapointed with my chicken it was dry as if it was cooked to much and just was forgotten in the drawer below the grill. I went back and the guy didn't hesitate to change it and give a more juicy piece.

            Rotisserie Romados
            115 Rue Rachel E, Montreal, QC H2W1C8, CA