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May 13, 2007 12:29 AM

Beach bound recommendations

I'm looking for a good place by/on the beach for two. We'd be coming via Caanan (sp?) or similar from Westlake/Augora Hills area. I'm thinking fish 'n' chips, but am open to recommendations. Romantic a plus, but not a requirement. And I'd like to keep it under $30 a person. Any suggestions?

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  1. Back on the Beach.
    445 Pacific Coast Hwy
    Santa Monica, CA 90402
    (310) 393-8282

    1. Value for money-wise, hitting PCH driving down Kanan Road, then I'd suggest Malibu Seafood. Paradise Cove Beach Cafe would be better to enjoy the beach, but at $21.95 (*) for Fish-n-Chips and Bob Morris' poor reputation for running restaurants which serve decent food (think Gladstone's as a culinary disater benchmark), then $7.95 for 2 pieces of fried fish & chips at Malibu Seafood would be the way to go.

      You could always go to Paradise Cove Beach Cafe afterwards for a fancy drink on/at the beach to satisfy that Romantic atmosphere requirement/request/experience with ample $'s left in the budget:

      Or, if being near the beach is o.k., then Beau Rivage (expensive & no fish-n-chips) will work very well for a drink afterwards if you don't mind being on the wrong side of PCH; you just can't see/experience the ocean as well from inside. But if you want to sit and/or walk "On" the beach, then P.C.B.C. is the way to go.

      (*) A ridiculously HIGH price for standard Fish-n-Chips!!!

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        The nice thing about Back to the Beach is that you are actually sitting at tables in the sand. I can't think pf another restaurant like that.

        1. re: handlertaper

          The outside tables at Paradise Cove are in the sand too, but the food at both Back on the Beach and Paradise Cove is pretty awful. A "cheese omelet" at Back on the Beach consists of a rubbery slab of egg with a slice of cold orange American cheese on top!

          Paradise Cove gets VERY crowded at the weekends, so try to get over there on the early side.

          1. re: hrhboo

            Also, Duke's Barefoot Bar has tables right on the sand. Good, reasonably priced simple food. Great setting.