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May 12, 2007 11:48 PM

Senegalese food

I just got back from a dance night at a restaurant in Kensington. It's a second floor location at 159 Augusta called Teranga. It looks like a nice little place with African paintings and wooden masks lining the walls. One of the cards on a table said it served Senegalese food but I never got a chance to peruse a menu. Has anybody ever gone to Teranga, or barring that, know what Senegalese food is like?

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  1. Haven't found any in Toronto for some years now. By far the best dish was a "peanut soup". Everything else seemed to be flour/dumpling based. And didn't know about Teranga until this post.

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      Teranga is a new place in Kensington Market for senegalese food, they had a short write-up about in National Post toronto section a month ago. Apparently it's a one-man show, the owner does the cooking, busing and serving! I had a friend who went and said the food was good but that they were still working out some kinks as the place is fairly new.

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        We went there last week, very pleasant place. My friends tried the mafe (meat in peanut sauce) with cous cous, mafe with fufu (a kind of cassava porridge, not to everyone's taste), and I tried the mixed lamb and fish dish cooked in palm oil, which I really loved, and which reminded me of the Afro-Bahian food in Brazil which is also cooked in palm oil. In retrospect, we could have managed with 2 dishes between the 3 of us, all were well-cooked. Not a place for vegetarians, unless you eat fish in which case you can try the fish dishes which I'm sure would be good, and which I've had elsewhere. The mains were about 12-16 dollars each I think. Had a bottle of passable Australian red wine since our friend wanted some wine, on our own we would have skipped it. The baobab juice was excellent (like a less sweet guava juice and was nice with rum or vodka) and we might have stuck to tha on our own. All in all, Teranga was pleasant, good cooking and value for money unlike the tapas place down the street (where we went for starters) which we found overpriced and mediocre.

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      1. I was there last night. The food was wonderful. I had the Thiebou Yapp, that is lamb with rice. My friend had the Yassa chicken. That was also really good. We also tried Baobab juice with Gin that was great. That was our first time every trying African food. The reason we went was because of the article in the Toronto Star a few weeks ago. Glad we went. I guess the menu was changed, there are vegetarian dish on it now. Must try this place.

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