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May 12, 2007 10:31 PM

Late night snack - made at home

Hey all. After a night of running around, my wife and I are enjoying thinly sliced potatoes with butter and salt (some cajun seasoning) and some paneer all cooked with our panini maker. It's a brilliant late night snack (beer required).

Do any of you have a favorite late night snack that is quick and easy to make at home?


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  1. It's about 1:30 on the East Coast. I'm eating a homemade roasted garlic hummus with baby carrots. Usually I eat popcorn or peanut butter, but since I had the hummus... drinking an elaborate screwdriver.

    1. my husband makes us poached eggs and toast with lots of butter. Perfect light, late supper when you want something fast and simple.

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        haha, i was enjoying sliced hardboils on highly buttered toast last night as you guys were typing this... ;)

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          Or a good breakfast...or mid morning snack...lunch, of the more perfect things ever.

        2. Nothin like a late night grilled cheese, simply done w/ a mix of Tillamook and ricotta. A quesadilla (same vein) is also satisfying w/ salsa and sour cream.

          Otherwise, whole wheat tortilla sprinkled with water, then cinnamon, splenda and salt, and crisped in the oven.

          For protein 0% total w/ splenda, cinnamon, vanilla, and a fiber cereal from TJ's.

          1. sounds yummy. note to self: buy a panini maker. any recs on a brand? as i always say, the only thing better than a sandwich, is a toasted sandwich!

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              I don't have room for a lot of kitchen gadgets. Much of what you can do with a panini maker you can do with a wafflemaker, but not the other way around. So I chose the wafflemaker. If I want a pressed sandwich that doesn't fit, a skillet and a foil-covered brick do the trick.

              Popcorn, made in a covered pot on the stove, is a classic late-night treat. Or bite-sized cracker sandwiches: a Trader Joe's soy/sesame mini-rice cracker and a TJ's 12-grain cracker, with peanut butter in between. Or apple slices on 12-grain crackers, topped with thin slices of Jarlsberg and nuked until it melts.

            2. Homeade kettle corn! Just make sure to make it in a non-stick pan. :)