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Late night snack - made at home

Hey all. After a night of running around, my wife and I are enjoying thinly sliced potatoes with butter and salt (some cajun seasoning) and some paneer all cooked with our panini maker. It's a brilliant late night snack (beer required).

Do any of you have a favorite late night snack that is quick and easy to make at home?


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  1. It's about 1:30 on the East Coast. I'm eating a homemade roasted garlic hummus with baby carrots. Usually I eat popcorn or peanut butter, but since I had the hummus... drinking an elaborate screwdriver.

    1. my husband makes us poached eggs and toast with lots of butter. Perfect light, late supper when you want something fast and simple.

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        haha, i was enjoying sliced hardboils on highly buttered toast last night as you guys were typing this... ;)

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          Or a good breakfast...or mid morning snack...lunch, dinner.....one of the more perfect things ever.

        2. Nothin like a late night grilled cheese, simply done w/ a mix of Tillamook and ricotta. A quesadilla (same vein) is also satisfying w/ salsa and sour cream.

          Otherwise, whole wheat tortilla sprinkled with water, then cinnamon, splenda and salt, and crisped in the oven.

          For protein 0% total w/ splenda, cinnamon, vanilla, and a fiber cereal from TJ's.

          1. sounds yummy. note to self: buy a panini maker. any recs on a brand? as i always say, the only thing better than a sandwich, is a toasted sandwich!

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              I don't have room for a lot of kitchen gadgets. Much of what you can do with a panini maker you can do with a wafflemaker, but not the other way around. So I chose the wafflemaker. If I want a pressed sandwich that doesn't fit, a skillet and a foil-covered brick do the trick.

              Popcorn, made in a covered pot on the stove, is a classic late-night treat. Or bite-sized cracker sandwiches: a Trader Joe's soy/sesame mini-rice cracker and a TJ's 12-grain cracker, with peanut butter in between. Or apple slices on 12-grain crackers, topped with thin slices of Jarlsberg and nuked until it melts.

            2. Homeade kettle corn! Just make sure to make it in a non-stick pan. :)

              1. my late night snack also doubles as a hangover-preventative. a slice of bread, spread a coat of peanut butter. add a handful of cheerios and fold in half! my culinary skills at 2am are usually impaired...

                1. Toast an english muffin lightly, then top each half with some tomato juice, a slice of jarlsberg cheese and some garlic powder...place under broiler to melt the cheese and you have yourself lo-cal pizza!! Delicious too!

                  1. Cheddar grits make with chicken stock with some ham folded in and topped with an egg sunny side up

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                      That sounds awesome.

                      Last weekend, I made myself an individual serving of apple crisp (I baked it in a ceramic cereal bowl). I tossed the apples with pre-ground pumpkin pie spice, and maybe cornstarch, although my memory seems to be hazy, for some reason :-P. I did the oats/flour/brown sugar/butter thing on top, but the proportions were less than precise-- I believe I measured the dry ingredients in palmfuls.

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                        Yummmm....I am from the south so apple and peach crisps and cobblers run in the blood!

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                          Had your ham, cheddar, and egg grits for dinner. They were totally awesome :-)

                    2. Fried mush or scrapple.

                      1. I'm definitely a member of the egg brigade, poached or scrambled with some crispy toast, but every now and then a quesadilla serves too. And my Mr.'s invention? One night, behind some Ambien that didn't work, he made himself a peanut-butter and cheese quesadilla with sport peppers, which he doesn't even care for. couldn't believe it when I walked into the kitchen and saw what was going on. He doesn't remember it to this day. And that quesadilla? It didn't get eaten.

                        1. Stir-fried Chinese noodles. Easy, fast, delish.

                          1. Corn tortillas and cheese are staples in my home, so my go-to late night snack is usually a quesadilla, with whatever leftovers I have -- caramelized onions, chicken thighs, bacon--or just cheese and hot sauce if the fridge is bare. Fried egg optional.

                            1. not even reading this, just going by title.
                              for us, it's a handful of chocolate chips for hubby and water for me, that's our late night snack.

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                                Okay, that's just sad iL Divo. Really? Water?? Sounds like prison :)

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                                  that's funny millygirl...but, no harm meant ilDivo.
                                  my late night snack crave lately has been a small bowl of Maypo with maple syrup and cinnamon; kinda like my warm milk before bed go to. any fancier and I'd be up all night.

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                                    Exactly. No harm meant iLDivo. I'm certain you probably have a figure to prove it. Something I cannot say for myself. Then again, sad to admit, my late night snack would probably consist of cold pizza or a bowl of chips.

                              2. My late night go-to snack is a large dollup of ricotta with a drizzle of fresh clover honey.

                                1. An open-faced "fluffernutter"-a slice of dense bread,layer of peanut butter, top w/ marshmallow fluff or whole marshmallows. Put in toaster oven on broil until marshmallow browns. Just be sure to put some tinfoil under the bread or you will have a mess.

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                                    my son adds a sprinkling of mini chocolate chips and calls it a s'more toastie. A toaster oven broiler is fab for these types of quick snacks!

                                  2. What I find interesting in this thread is the regional differences in food. I think I've heard of Maypo, but it's not a product we have in MInnesota (at least I've not noticed it, I realize it's instant oatmeal) and while I also am aware of fluffernutters, I think it's more of a northeast thing.

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                                      Sometimes it's Cheerios and chocolate milk. Sometimes it's toast and butter. If the boyfriend is over, then it turns into a total pig-out with leftovers or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ice cream, grilled cheese or whatever he can find in my fridge or cabinets.

                                      I've also developed a recent fondness for Ak-Mak crackers with cream cheese.

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                                        Mine is Wasa Hearty Crispbread spread with chevre and topped with home made jam or roasted tomato spread depending on the urge for sweet or savory.

                                    2. My late night fix is usually some cereal or box mix pancakes. I also like sharp white cheddar cheese and crackers with a tall glass of cold lemonade or iced tea. Ramen noodles (chicken flavor) or bean-and-cheese quesadilla with sour cream is another one of my favs.

                                      1. Any of the following depending on if I want ready to eat or am willing to put a little effort into it:

                                        - a chunk of cheese. Any kind. I'll even gnaw on some parmesan which I always have in the house.
                                        - fruit with cheese or peanut butter. pears and chedder are good, apples and peanutbutter or nutella are awesome.
                                        -yogurt with jam or honey stirred in
                                        -a bowl of cereal, either dry or with milk
                                        -pretzels with mustard

                                        If I want to make a tiny bit more effort - 3 tablespoons of 'cake mix' (either equal amounts of devil food cake and angel food cake mix, or betty crocker choc chip cookie mix) mixed with just enough water to make a cake batter texture. Nuke for a minute. Instant warm gooey cake.

                                        1. i either go for hot chocolate and arrowroot cookies...or popcorn...depends on whether it's a salty or sweet day!