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May 12, 2007 10:22 PM

SF Chowhound needs recs in West 30s

I will be in New York on business next week and need a place to take my client and boss for drinks and maybe light snacks after meetings on Tuesday. We need a spot near 8th Ave in the 30s.

Can anyone recommend a fun, relaxed, non-trendy, non-corporate bar (or restaurant w/ bar) for two lefty, 50-something Boomers and myself - a wine-drinking 30-something?

Many thanks!

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  1. Ugh. That's my work neighborhood. There's not a lot here. It's kind of a wasteland...unless I'm forgetting something.

    Depending on your budget, you could go to Uncle Jack's Steakhouse (34th and 9th), which I've heard is very good though I've never been. Or, if you want lower key, you could try Market Cafe on 38th and 9th.

    Other members on this board may have other (better) ideas.

    1. Keens steakhouse is close by and it has a bar with a very good drink list and bar snacks.

      1. Damn. I was afraid we'd be limited to steakhouses. If not for my client's need to catch a train, we'd defintely be venturing further afield. Not a meat eater myself, but i guess i can deal if those are our best bets.

        Thanks guys.

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          no worries. the bar at keens is pretty special. scotch selection is the best in manhattan. enjoy the view of ms. keens over the bar but have your colleagues answer the three questions. grab a bite in the pub room or not. your call.

        2. You might like Market Cafe. It's a sort of jewel in the rough in an otherwise crappy neighborhood. They make a decent drink. Note that it will be quiet and not at all filled with after work happy hour types. It is more of a restaurant than a bar though.

          1. Tir Na Nog might work, though it can get crowded after work.

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              Tir Na Nog may work. When I read the OP I thought s/he wanted a restaraunt, and not "a bar that serves food." This place is actually okay, and it's not too hard to get a table. But they expect you to order food. The crowdedness is usually only if you're standing around the bar area and just drinking. Can't vouch for TNN's wine list. But the non-pubby food is surprisingly not awful.